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Looking for some behind the scenes info on how we create our ridiculously fun events? Well then, you’ve landed on the right page.
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fun treasure hunts

Treasure Hunts – Tips on Writing Clues

People always ask us what makes our corporate treasure hunts…
Team building consulting in Dubai

Team Building Consulting – Is It For You?

I’ve got a secret to share with you.  Wildly Different…
Trade show games Wildly Different

Trade Show Games, Activities & Tips

Why would a team building company talk about trade show games?…
Custom team building events no laughing matter

Custom Team Building Events & Tips

Sure, we have 100 stock team building events in our repertoire.…
Team building in Orlando Florida

Team Building In Orlando, Florida

Although we travel worldwide with our clients, Wildly Different…
Team building in Las Vegas

Team Building In Any City

Even though we are based in Orlando, Florida we travel worldwide…
Team building made easy

Using A Professional Team Building Company vs. DIY

A lot of people ask us why using a professional team building…
why meetings matterWildly Different

Team Building Events Mean Business

Last week on April 14th we were proud to participate in Global…
theme park team buildingWildly Different

Theme Park Team Building Activities

When planning a meeting in a location where there is a theme…
diverse team building eventsWildly Different

The Demographics of Team Building

Trying to Decide How To Choose The Right Team Building Event…
team building charity eventsWildly Different

How To Pick A Charity and Charitable Team Building Event

I often get asked what is our most popular team building…
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