Don’t Wait – Celebrate! Week

  1. Don’t Wait – Celebrate! Week is all about celebrating the little moments in life. Ask employees to submit an idea for why your company should have a celebration.  Have a panel of judges choose their favorite, then host the celebration.
  2. Have a Don’t Wait – Celebrate! Week Luncheon for your employees and / or customers. Wrap the silverware for the party inside a party horn.  Write “Celebrate” on some.  On others, write “Prize Winner.”  Have those that won a prize pick up a wrapped mystery gift.

National Garage Sale Day

Clutter piles up in work spaces, so make National Garage Sale the day you have everyone clean out their area every year.  In addition to getting rid of old files, have them get rid of anything unwanted that has piled up in their office.  Have them place unwanted items on tables in the break room for a makeshift Garage Sale.  Only, instead of selling the items, have them trade, or just give these items away.  Haul everything that is leftover at the end of the day to the dumpster or donate to those in need.

Weird Contest Week

Highlight a different weird team-building contest every day this week.  Ask employees to suggest their ideas for weird contests.  Or, consider the following ideas for weird contests:

  • Have your team work together to try and break a Guinness Book of World Records record.  Inform the press so they can cover the attempt!
  • Teams may have to compete in a charity-based contest.  For instance, the team that plants the most flowers for a park in a certain amount of time wins golden garden shears.

National Relaxation Day

Set up a relaxation room for your employees, complete with couches, comfy chairs, soothing music, fountains, etc. Designate this a no talking, cell phone-free zone so employees can go there to recharge their batteries throughout the day.

Be an Angel Day

Give each of your employees a small amount of money today and ask them to spend it with the caveat that it cannot be on themselves.  Instead, encourage them to spend it today doing something nice for a stranger.  For instance, they could donate it; buy a small toy for a kid that is crying in a store, etc.

Hawaii Admission Day Anniversary – August 21st

Send all employees to Hawaii for the day:

  • Ask employees to come dressed in a Hawaiian shirt. Give out prizes for the loudest shirt, most unique shirt, etc.
  • Give employees a lei as they come into work. Attach a raffle ticket to each lei.  Do a drawing for Hawaiian themed prizes.
  • Have a Luau buffet, complete with pulled pork, coconut shrimp, pineapple chunks, etc.
  • Give everyone a tropical drink glass with his or her name on it.
  • Have a tropical drink-making team-building event. Set each team up at a station stocked with a blender and an assortment of juices, syrups and fruit.  Teams create a non-alcoholic drink, pouring a sample for everyone to try.  Participants vote for their favorite – they cannot vote for their own team’s creation.  Award a prize to the team that got the most votes.

Radio Commercials Anniversary – August 28th

Have a Make a Radio Commercial team-building event.  If you want a short event, simply give teams a microphone and recorder and ask them to tape a 60-second spot promoting your company.  If you want a longer event, ask each team to create a radio show – reminiscent of those that were big before television, or a talk radio style show.  Throughout the show, they must include radio commercial breaks that extol the virtues of your company.  Award a prize for the most entertaining tape, best use of theme, the funniest show etc.  Alternatively, have teams record commercials about what it is that makes your customers great.  Send copies of the recordings to all of your customers and thank them for their business.

Happiness Happens Day

  1. Today, give employees a form to fill out about the things that make them happy. For instance, what is their favorite flower, cartoon character, ice cream flavor, etc?  Throughout the year, surprise them with their favorite things on special days, rather than giving everyone the same thing.
  2. Have a speaker in to talk about how to keep a positive outlook and stay happy.
  3. Send smiley face buttons to all of your customers today. Tell them that in your company the thing that makes you happiest on Happiness Happens Day is their business!

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