National Nutrition Month

  1. Encourage your employees to take better care of themselves by getting them to eat right.  Hire a nutritionist to come in and conduct free nutrition classes and / or analyses of your employees’ diets.  Notify your employees of these classes and analyses via a sticker on an apple that you give each employee as they enter work.
  2. Conduct a healthy eating challenge in your office.  Reward the employee who loses the most weight as a result of this healthy eating with a new wardrobe.  Alternatively, reward the department that loses the most combined weight with a prize.

Monopoly Invented: Anniversary – March 7th

  1. Give every employee a piece of legal paper designed to look like a Monopoly board.  Print a different “to do” on each card.  Employees choose which “to do” they want to complete and it is marked off on their board.  For instance, under Boardwalk, it may say that employees have to take a walk over to a different department to learn about what that department does.   Give everyone who completes the board a prize, or enter them into a prize drawing.
  2. Give each of your employees a Monopoly card.  Throughout the day, roll the dice to progress a playing piece around an on-display Monopoly board.  You can tie the roll of the dice into what your company does – for instance, if you were a store, you could roll the dice each time a purchase is made.  Or, roll the dice every hour.  Wherever a person’s property is landed on, have them come forward to collect Monopoly money.  At the end of the day, the employees can use the Monopoly money to purchase prizes.  These prizes can be company T-shirts, gifts you’ve purchased, or freebies your office has received that all employees want.

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th

  1. Give all of your employees a free lottery ticket, for their chance to win much more than just a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!
  2. Ask employees to choose a chocolate gold coin from a pot of gold coins on display.  One of the gold coins has the company logo imprinted in the chocolate.  All of the other gold coins contain non-logo imprinted chocolate.  The employee who chooses this gold coin wins an actual gold coin.

Read Across America Day

Read Across America, which takes place on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, is organized to motivate children to read.  Here are some ways your employees can get involved:

  1. Ask employees to donate new and used children’s books and donate them to a local school or library.  Alternatively, use the books to build up a children’s reading library for employees.  Allow employees to check these books out for their children.  Award a prize to the department that brings in the most books.
  2. Adjourn work early and invite all of your employees to get their children and bring them back for a Dr. Seuss party.  Give everyone Cat In The Hat hats, serve a green eggs and ham snack and feature readings from Dr. Seuss’ books.

International Scrapbooking Industry Day

Give everyone a scrapbook page imprinted with your company’s logo, or put the page in a logo-imprinted frame.  Have a professional photographer take pictures of your employees, either alone or with everyone in their department.  Affix the photo to the scrapbook page and give it to the employee.  Set up a corner of your business with decorative items employees can use to decorate their scrapbook page – items such as stamps, stickers, letters, etc.  Allow employees to take their scrapbook page home as a memento of their workplace.  Or, display the scrapbook pages in your business on a wall of fame.  You could even turn this into a contest by having people vote for their favorite scrapbook page.  The page that gets the most votes wins a prize.

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