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Looking for something that is fun, but offers real-world applications? These business games transport your group to an alternate business world such as a country, a zoo, or a soccer stadium that serves as a metaphor for your own company.

Top Scorers & Team Players

In this interactive event, teams apply their business skills to the world of competitive sports as they manage a professional soccer team. Will teams have what it takes to keep their players happy, or will they end up trading their best player in order to avoid a scandal? It will take the right marketing campaign and sponsorship deal in order to score!

Business At The Zoo

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Teams find themselves on the business side of running a zoo, acting as zoo managers, public relations, safari parks, and more. Teams discover that life at the zoo isn’t always a barrel of monkeys, and that working in silos isn’t what’s best – collaboration is necessary for the zoo to thrive!


This game mirrors supply chain and process management as teams are divided into airplane manufacturers and airlines. With service standards and demands constantly changing, all teams are required to think to the future in order to stay ahead of their competition. Of course, customer satisfaction is key to measuring teams’ success.

The United States Game

During this management game, each team represents a different state.  States go head to head as they all compete towards a common goal – to prosper and make their population happy.  States are provided with real world situations that have them negotiating and trading as they strive to grow their assets.  As the event builds, so too does the competition as teams see how their state stacks up compared to the rest on an oversized map.  Eventually all learn the importance of working together to form one united country.

Our business management games are designed to promote a collaborative team environment. Read our post, to get a better perspective on how our management games work. Ready to book an event or want to speak with a specialist, contact us.

What Our Clients Say.

“I would like to thank Business Games for the excellent team event you ran for us recently. The United States of AstraZeneca game was a great success, and it got everyone interacting, collaborating and negotiating with each other. The objective of our team day was to get everyone in the Finance Directorate to work with people that they did not normally work with, and to bring the teams closer together. Thanks to Business Games we achieved our goal and had a lot of fun in the process!”

 – AstraZeneca

“The graduation program Marketing & Sales was not just about sending information and students asking critical questions, they were actually put to work! The students were taken on a journey of negotiation and sales tactics in a pulse-pounding business game by Gijs van der Linden. Conspiracies were hatched, win-win situations were pursued, all to be able to win as a team and deliver the best customer service – a key element in Coca-Cola’s vision.”

– Coca-Cola Enterprises

Business Games Case Study

executive team building ideas

The United States Game

The goal was to have all worldwide executives of a Fortune 500 company experience a team building event that would illustrate strategic thinking and leadership.

How it worked

As a part of “The United States of OIB,” teams had to build a prosperous country together. Only the state which inhabited the happiest residents (which corresponds to making customers happy) won the game! A healthy ‘battle’ between the country’s benefits and the states’ benefits is what made the game so interesting. After each round a direct link between the game and real-life was made.

The Results.

business management games results
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