Gaby Maldonado – Event Superstar

gaby maldanado

Gaby always loved planning, so when Aeme told her there was an opening at Wildly Different, she pounced on the opportunity! She’d been accepted to nursing school, but that was quickly pushed aside – stat!

She’s married to Nilo, who she met online (yes folks, it really does work sometimes). And, even though she loves animals, she’s currently limited herself to one dog, Gordo, who she calls “her son.” Family to her is everything.

When this girl has a passion, she goes whole hog. She loves makeup and if there’s a color of lipstick that exists, it’s probably in her collection of 40 + shades. And, Grease? If it’s on – she’s watching (it’s the one that she wants – ooh, ooh, ooh, honey)!

What she loves most about her job at Wildly Different is that there is always something new to be experienced, the traveling, and that she actually gets paid to play games.