Jane Schuliger – Chief Fun Officer

jane is chief fun officer

The reason why our events look as good as they do is down to Jane’s BS Degree in Business, with an emphasis on marketing, from Miami – Ohio (not Florida!). She’s constantly trying to make things look the best they can!

Jane’s “loves?”

  • Dogs – We’re constantly picking dog hair off of Jane, as she is an animal lover who used to act as a dog foster parent until she rescued two crazy puppies that demand that she play ball 24/7.
  • The beach – Especially Siesta Key where she spends every Thanksgiving with her family. Does this mean she’s outdoorsy? Well, the sign in her office says it all – “I’m outdoorsy in that I like drinking cocktails on patios!”
  • Creating hunts – Her goal is to execute a hunt on Richard Branson’s private island (okay, her real goal is to own a private island). She’d also like to operate the Double Dog Air Dare we proposed to one client that never happened…yet! Anyone who knows a group of flying enthusiasts with private planes that want to do a real live Amazing Race experience, please call Jane.
  • Her new lake house – And all of the things that come with it – ducks that visit each day, amazing sunsets each night and the calm and peacefulness that it brings…when there isn’t a party happening on her double decker dock!

Dislikes – Spiders. But, she does like the World Wide Web and is a whiz at connecting people.