Maria Sauceda – Event Glam Girl

maria sauceda

Maria earned her degree in Entertainment Management from the University of Central Florida – something her grandfather had never heard of. In fact, he asked if she’d be earning her degree in “napkin folding!” Not quite, but we did know we couldn’t wait to bring this girl into our fold and quickly moved her from part time to full time as soon as she graduated!

Because her degree is in entertainment, Maria knows how to add a little extra flare to any event.

Her loves include:

  • Her dogs, Luna and Boone, who are her world! In fact, she quickly realized she fit in with the Wildly Different team when she heard how many of us share her passion for their fur babies.
  • Traveling to new and exciting places. One thing her parents taught her growing up was to never say no to the opportunity to travel. So, even if it’s just a weekend getaway, she takes it! A good thing, as Wildly Different has been known to travel a time or two (or two hundred)!
  • Food! Whether she’s traveling or staying local, she loves to scout out the trendy restaurants.
  • Her family, who has always been super close to her. The plus side of living in Orlando is she gets frequent visits from family and loves to take time out for them.
  • Staying busy – a love Wildly Different definitely contributes to (not a boring moment here)! If she’s not working, she has to do something to fill her time.