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Charitable Team Building Events That Make Cents!

Charitable team building events in which participants assemble goods to send to those in need often make a lot of sense.  However, sometimes what a chosen charity really needs is for you to host a charitable team building event that makes cents.  Many groups prefer donating goods instead of money as part of their charitable event. They feel that seeing a large amount of goods makes an impact on their attendees. However, sometimes donating goods isn’t good and can make a negative impact on the charity you’re trying to help. To illustrate my point, watch this video from CBS Sunday Morning.

So, what kind of charitable team building event can you host that centers on donating money instead of goods, but that will still make an impact on your attendees? Get inspiration from the ways we incorporate monetary giving into charitable team building events:

Teams are educated, entertained and earn donations in a charitable game show

In our Give Back Game Show team building event, we incorporate a number of challenges to enlighten participants about the cause and lighten the mood!  Multiple-choice trivia questions that relate to the charity are asked.  Guests write in their guess to a number-related question about the cause and points are awarded to the one that comes closest without going over. Music challenges, such as Name That Tune are played with songs that tie into the charity’s message.  Extreme close-up photos of a portion of the items the charity needs are shown and guests must guess what’s pictured.  The event ends with the team scoring the most points determining which charity the money will be donated to – i.e. if the group wants to help with hurricane relief efforts, they may choose from American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities or another charity.

The treasure teams find in a treasure hunt can be donated to a charitable cause

master of the hunt

Lisa Jennings – A “Master of the Hunt”

Guests solve clues, which are written to put the focus on charitable giving in general, or that tie into a specific cause.  For instance, a clue that puts the spotlight on pet donations may read, “It’s important to give a dog a toy, if you want to eliminate bad behavior.  That’s also how you’ll find the solution to this clue, which will help you eliminate a hiding spot for the treasure, from this – NBOATDIBNEAHPAAVRIOKR.” If guests eliminate the letters spelling out “bad behavior” from the jumble of letters, they get “not in a park.”  At the end of the hunt, guests learn the treasure they unearthed will be spent on pet donations.


Smart devices are a smart way to have teams earn their donations

In our Make an iMpact and Donation Quest 2.0 events guests are fed charitable team building challenges on their team iPad or smartphone.  When they earn a certain number of points by completing enough challenges, the app tells them they’ve unlocked a monetary amount to donate to the charity.  Challenges are designed to highlight the cause, so teams may have to take a photo spelling out a message to the charity recipients with their bodies; record a 30-second PSA about why it’s important to help that cause; answer trivia questions and more! Teams can go “out and about” with challenges only opening up when they arrive at set locations on a map, or challenges can be done without the group ever leaving the room.

smart device csr hunt

Teams can unlock donations by participating in an Escape Room-inspired team building activity

Tell teams that if they can “escape” in the time allowed, your company will reward them with money to donate to a charity of their choosing. You could do this by visiting a traditional Escape Room with your group.  Or, consider one of our Unlock The Donation events, which can be run for hundreds of people all in one room!  We provide fun clues and props for each team table and the first team to break into a locked chest containing the donation, rather than out of a locked room, releases the donation and a prize for themselves!

Teams compete in a series of charitable challenges and the more points they earn, the bigger the donation

Set up minute-long challenges, such as those seen on Minute To Win It.  Each time a guest completes one of these challenges successfully, your company donates money to charity.  Alternatively, in our Money In Minutes team building event, teams get to play together to earn money in minute-long challenges.  For instance, teams win money based on how many pennies they can bounce into their container before a minute is up.

So, those are “the goods” on how to make an impact with your charitable team building event without having to assemble and donate goods.  Remember, sometimes donating dollars just makes more cents!

charitable event game


charity event team building


Learn more about our corporate charity event ideas for your next team bonding activity.

How These CSR Activities Make A Difference

csr award for wildly different

Lisa and Jane accept the Event Planners Award at the 2017 Hunger Hero Awards hosted by Feeding Children Everywhere.

We were wildly excited to win the Event Planners Award at the 2017 Hunger Hero Awards hosted by Feeding Children Everywhere.  We are proud to partner with Feeding Children Everywhere, to implement a Soup’s On food packing activity that finds guests assembling healthy meals that are all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan for those in need.

In fact, the stories many of our non-profit partners share as a result of the CSR activities our clients do with us bring tears to our eyes. Here are just a few of them…

soups on company event

30,000 healthy meals were packed at this Soups On event.

Get It In Gear – A Build-a-Bike CSR activity:

  • Kids love bikes, but these are much more than just a toy to many of these kids. For many, it’s their main means of transportation and the bikes are used to get to and from school, as well as after school jobs.
  • And sometimes, those jobs lead to careers – one of the directors of a Boys & Girls Club that accepted the bikes after one of our CSR activities told us he once got a bike in an event just like it when he was young. As a result, he decided he wanted to dedicate his life to the organization as it made such an impact on his life.

Blankies & Bears – A CSR Activity Benefiting Sick Children and Their Families:

corporate toy donation

  • Blanket assembly and bear stuffing CSR activities result in goods that are a great comfort to a child in the hospital. But, sometimes it comforts the parents too, as sadly that bear or blankie may be the last item that child held before they passed away.
  • It’s not always the sick child who gets the goodies from these CSR activities – sometimes it’s equally as important that their sibling – who doesn’t understand why their brother or sister is “getting all of the attention” – receives a gift too, so they don’t feel ignored.

Toy Chest Challenge – One of the many CSR activities we organize that result in toys being donated to kids in need:

toy chest challenge

Corporate Employees Participating in the Toy Chest Challenge Get to Have Fun Too!

  • Kids love to play video games. But, for one organization the Xbox they received wasn’t a way for the kids to escape the real world.  It was a way for all of the kids to use the immersive dance game that came with it as a way to interact and spend quality time together.
  • In one of these CSR activities the kids got to ask for a specific gift after the event. Instead of thinking of his own needs, one kid simply asked for a coffee mug to give to his Mom.

Red Wagon Brigade:

red wagon team building activity

Like Build A Bike, the Red Wagon Brigade is a fun team building activity that is always a big hit.

  • It’s not always kids who appreciate the red wagons assembled and decorated in this, one of our favorite CSR activities. One organization we worked with gave them to the elderly, so they could get their groceries from the store to their home.
  • Sure, kids love playing with a Radio Flyer Wagon. But, did you know that hospitals use donated red wagons as a less scary way to transport frightened kids from their room to get treatments?  And, the toys that fill the wagons at the end of these CSR activities are also used to distract these kids as they get their treatments?

Hospital Art:

hospital art company charity event

Teams get to show their artistic side during this fun team bonding challenge.

  • Another of many CSR activities we implement that help to distract sick kids in the hospital. Teams paint a mural to hang in a hospital because after all, which offers more comfort?  A bright, friendly mural, or a stark, sterile white wall?

College Prep:

  • We have many CSR activities that help organizations that emphasize education as a way for kids to have a better life. This one focuses on kids who are successful enough to get a college scholarship, but as kids “foster out” of the system at age 18, they literally have nothing.  Teams compete in games to fill a laundry basket with necessities for these kids’ dorm rooms.

Building Futures:

  • In this CSR activity, teams build furniture and collect items to fill apartments being made ready for women leaving an abuse shelter. One woman, upon receiving a new set of drinking glasses as a result of one of these CSR activities, burst into tears because she had never owned a proper glass to drink out of.

Clothing Creations:

toms for tots charity event

  • Think kids hate getting clothing? Think again!  When children are put into foster care, nobody warns them it’s about to happen, so often the only thing they leave home with are the clothes on their back. Teams have fun making sculptures out of clothing in these CSR activities, but the smile this clothing puts on the face of the children receiving brand-new clothing, instead of the second-hand clothing donated to them, is one of the best reasons for doing CSR activities like this one.

    TOMS For Tots To Teens:

  • Everyone donates toys at the holidays. But, one of the biggest items on kid’s lists?  Shoes!  Many have never owned a new pair in their lives and those with ugly shoes are an easy mark for bullies at school.  That’s why we created CSR activities like this that result in TOMS shoes being decorated and donated.
  • One organization used the new shoes from one of these CSR activities as an incentive – if the kids could pull up their GPA, they could pull on a brand-new pair of shoes!

ArCANtecture – Teams create sculptures out of canned and boxed food items:

team bonding charity event

Your teams show their creativity building structures with cans that are then donated to charity.

  • You know the saying that you get more with the carrot than with the stick? Well, replace “carrot” with Oreo cookie and you’ll understand how the cookies donated from one of these CSR activities improved the behavior of the kids at a Boys & Girls Club, who were promised a treat in exchange for good behavior!
  • People assume there’s plenty of food donated at the holidays. Not so!  One organization we worked with was in a panic about meeting the demand for Thanksgiving dinners until they received the donation from one of these CSR activities and were able to feed the surplus of people needing food on their table on turkey day.

7 Simple Questions to Plan the Perfect Executive Team Building Event

We get a lot of nervous calls from people who’ve been asked to plan an executive team building event for their VIPs.  It’s understandable – these are the people who they’re trying to impress day-in and day-out, so of course they want to keep them happy. So, here are some things to keep in mind if you’re planning an executive team building event…

It’s important to remember that your executives, like you and me, are people too.  And, like you and me, they want to have a good time!  Don’t get overly concerned about making the executive team building event uber-sophisticated. When calling about an executive team building event, people always say, “It can’t be anything silly.”  We get it – you don’t want your CEO to be sporting a lampshade on his or her head – they have a reputation to live up to after all.  But, don’t err on the side of caution either – you may not want to plan something silly, but you also don’t want your executives to be bored silly.  To find that happy balance, ask yourself:

  1. What is the purpose behind the executive team building event?  Are they brainstorming ideas for the future?  Then loosen up their minds by planning a creative executive team building event.  For instance, in our Make a Scene event executives receive an iPad with a movie-making app and they could be challenged with creating a sci-fi movie that touches on what the company looks like 50 or 100 years from now.  Are they problem-solving?  Then get them in that mode with an event like our Unlock The Mystery event that finds executives racing against the clock to use props to solve clues to unlock a chest.creative executive team building
  2. How well do the executives know one another?  If they know one another well, it’s okay to select an executive team building event that finds the same group of people working together throughout the event.  But, if one of the goals of the executive team building event is to allow executives to get to know one another better, you may want to pick an event like our Mix It Up event that incorporates a mixer activity between all participants at the start of the event and then pairs executives on new teams for every challenge.executive mixers
  3. Do they want to do the executive team building event on site at the retreat location, or do they want to explore the surrounding area?  If they want to go “out and about” you may want to plan something like our iTech Trek in which teams receive an iPad loaded with challenges that must be done throughout an area of interest.tech hunt for executives
  4. Do they want to improve their leadership skills?  Then, consider pairing a fun speaker, like our favorite, Dave Mitchell from The Leadership Difference, with an executive team building event that puts the skills they’ve learned from Dave to the test in a fun way afterwards.Dave Mitchell leadership team building
  5. Do they want a charitable executive team building event?  Planning an event that gives back to the local community is always a safe bet – there’s nothing silly about helping others!  Know your executives.  Will they be happiest going out into the community, rolling up their shirtsleeves and getting hands on with an event such as fixing up a park?  Or, would they like to stay in a climate-controlled area and help kids become as successful as they are one day?  If so, our College Prep event, where they compete in fun challenges to win items that are assembled into laundry baskets to outfit the dorm rooms of scholarship students who need help with the basics, is perfect.charity event executives
  6. What are their interests and how can they be woven into an executive team building event?  For instance, we created a Talladega Nights-themed car-racing event for one client because the top executive was a fan of the movie.  Do your executives like fine wine?  Something like our Blend Together event, in which they learn about wine blending and then get to try their hand at blending, would be ideal. We can design a custom event to satisfy your needs.talledega nights event
  7. What’s going on that could be tied into the executive team building event?  Is it football season?  Plan something like our Football Frenzy event that ties in football-themed challenges.  Are they in a unique location?  Plan an activity that takes advantage of where you are.  Something like our Amazing Chase is ideal due to its adaptability.  It can wrap in challenges with an urban feel if they’re in a big city, such as trying their hand at being a Spin DJ, or it can incorporate something like paddle-boarding to a clue spot in the middle of the lake if the event is hosted in a more natural setting.

Planning the perfect executive team building event may seem like a daunting task, but if you take the time to explore these 7 simple questions, you’ll be well on your way to setting up an amazing event for your executive leadership group.

The Demographics of Team Building

Trying to Decide How To Choose The Right Team Building Event For Your Group. Be Sure To Consider The Demographics of Your Group

Many times when we get calls from someone interested in organizing a team building activity we hear things like, “My boss loves ropes courses. Do you have anything like that?” Or, “I’ve been there and done everything, wow me with something I’ve never seen before.”

Now, I’m not saying that you should ignore what the boss wants. And, we pride ourselves on coming up with concepts that are, well, “wildly different!” But, I always want to ask these people, “What are the demographics of your group and what would make them happy?” After all, getting a big cheer from your group for the wonderful experience they had makes your boss happy and makes you look like a rock star, right?

So, today I’m going to encourage you to keep the demographics of your group in mind when planning your next team building event. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the age range? Have a younger group? Maybe they’d love to make videos to rival those posted on YouTube in one of our Make a Scene events. Have an older group? It doesn’t always mean you shouldn’t go active (see my colleague Mac’s story below), but it does lead to the next question, which is…
  • How physically active is the group? Would they be keen to run relays? Or, is something more sedentary, like decorating plant pots to donate to the elderly in a nursing home, more their style?
  • What’s the male vs. female ratio? Just because there are men in the group doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy something like our Icing on the Cake decorating competition – remember, the Cake Boss is a man! But, if the group is mostly male, they may be more at home with an event like our Spud Racer activity where they make racecars out of fruits and vegetables, which will remind them of their scouting pinewood derby days.
diverse team building

Yes, men AND women do enjoy decorating cakes!

  • Are they a shy bunch that would cringe at the thought of having to stand in front of their peers and compete in a Karaoke-style Raise Your Voice competition? Or, are they more outgoing
  • How will they be dressed? Women in short skirts, high heels and perfectly coiffed hair may not appreciate our With Flying Colors event, which is a blast, but has players visiting activity stations and getting color thrown on them if they complete the activity successfully!
diversity team building ideas

Who, me? Get covered with color? Bring it on!

  • Do they all speak English well? If not, Treasure Hunts with cleverly worded clues may not be the ideal event for them.

Think about your group and they’ll thank you!

An Oldie But A Goodie… Team Building For Older Adults

As referenced above, Mac learned that being older doesn’t always mean not being active! During a recent Beach Dash event, a series of beach-themed relays, she noticed the flowery green lei team had a gentleman who was over 80 years old!  She worried about how he’d do, but whenever a new game was introduced, there he was riding a pool noodle, Hula-Hooping, or tossing fish into a team member’s hip baskets right along with the best of them. His team’s beach song presentation did not disappoint either.  Each man on the team took the stage with a beer in their hand (a practical prop, of course), and perfectly-timed choreography to go along to with their original composition.  Although he was not the lead singer during their song, his enthusiasm was contagious! This one man’s spirit kept his team motivated, got him voted most valuable player and ultimately his team went on to win the gold!

senior team building

You’re never too old to have fun!

A Doggone Great Visit with Orlando Health

Just as you have to keep your group’s demographics in mind when planning your team building event, if you’re doing a charitable event, keep the charity in mind! What do they want and need? To find out, Jane met with Theresa Eber, Manager, Corporate Giving for Orlando Health Foundation /Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation to ask what they could use. They spent over an hour brainstorming new charitable team building concepts that would help the organization impact lives.  A tour of their campus is being planned to inspire us even more when it comes to making our CSR events that much more impactful.

On a side note, Jane even got inspired to see if her dog, Duke, could become a therapy dog. In Jane’s words, “He has a gentleness about him and people tend to love him when they see him.” Is she partial? See the picture below and let us know what you think!

unique corporate team building events

Who can resist that face?!

team building rescue dog

Duke alert and ready to go to work as a rescue dog!


We had a couple of tearjerkers this week when…

…Mac’s client couldn’t stop crying after her group assembled care packages for the troops, which made her think of the many friends and family members she knows who are serving.

… 150 kids were jumping up and down when Aeme dropped off TOMS shoes one of our groups decorated and donated to the Jack & Jill Center. Watch this space, as rumor has it we’ll get pictures of these kids in their new kicks next week!

team building event jack and jill center

Can’t wait to see these on the little ones’ feet!

How To Pick A Charity and Charitable Team Building Event

cheer packages team building event

A few of the many donations our clients assembled this year!

I often get asked what is our most popular team building event and my answer is, it’s not just one event, but an entire genre of events – charitable team building activities. In fact, in the past year, Wildly Different has created programs that:

  • Assembled 200 red wagons
  • Decorated 220 pairs of TOMS shoes
  • Stuffed 3500 care packages
  • Built 185 bicycles
  • Crafted sculptures using 40,000 cans of food

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