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Team Building In Any City

Even though we are based in Orlando, Florida we travel worldwide with our clients. Why? Well, we love to travel, but that’s not the main reason! The primary reason is that as a boutique team building company we want to be a “one stop shop” for our clients and most of them do meetings in a multitude of locations.
Team building in Atlanta

Aeme and Gaby flying high after a great team building event in Atlanta

Here are some of the reasons you should consider using one team building company no matter where your event is being hosted:

Using A Professional Team Building Company vs. DIY

A lot of people ask us why using a professional team building company is better than doing it themselves – it’s not that hard, right?   To answer that question, I need to flashback to when I first started out in this business…

I used to get upset when people said my recreation job was a cakewalk. “They don’t know how hard I work!” I lamented to my boss. To which she wisely replied, “If you’re doing it right, you make it look easy. Just smile and nod when they make comments like that because it’s actually a compliment that you’re doing a great job. And, you’ll never convince them otherwise anyways.”


So yes, you can do your own team building event.  But, it won’t be easy.  And, it may be fraught with pitfalls.  Here’s why using a professional team building company like ours is best.  It’s because we know:


How to put the spotlight on your objectives.

For instance, when we write content for a Not Your Typical Game Show team building event, you provide us with a mish-mash of content and then we sculpt it into challenges. We’re in the middle of creating charitable game show content right now and the client wants the challenges to spotlight the domestic violence charity benefitting from the event. How long would it take you to come up with 90 minutes of content (that’s 45 different challenges) that drives home the charity’s message, wraps in the donations and is fun for the attendees? Because we do it all of the time, we can easily get in the zone and script the entire show in a day.  So, using a professional team building company saves you time.

Using a professional team building company for a game show

Make others “green” with envy with your custom game show

How to do it at the same price (if not cheaper) than you can yourself without you having to do the work.

Our team building events are not inexpensive. However, you begin to realize how much the event would cost you when you start adding up the cost of:

  • Buying all of the equipment brand new – we have a warehouse of equipment we charge rental rates for at events.
  • Hiring an emcee, event assistants and a DJ – our professionals already work for us and are ready to go. And, they are professionals.  It’s not always easy to find reliable and talented staff in every city you’re hosting an event in. But, we have a network of people who work with us around the world.
  • Vendor materials – we have partnerships with printers, sign companies, iPad rental agencies and more. Because of this, we get discounted rates you get to tap into when you hire us.
  • Shipping and storing all of the event equipment – we have a van and a warehouse where we can hold, prep and bring back all of the items used in your event.
  • Your time – it takes days to plan a great event. Do you really want to add this onto the million other things that are on your plate?

So, using a professional team building company saves you money.

What you can and cannot do.

Want to have teams compete in a culinary competition and then eat what they cook? We know that most venues simply won’t allow it because of food safety laws and because they lose revenue on food and beverage. Something like our Icing on the Cake event where they decorate cakes is still a culinary competition, but the venue won’t get upset because nobody is eating the cakes.  So, using a professional team building company saves you from making a faux pas.

Using a professional team building company is as easy as cake

Using a professional team building company is as easy as…cake!

The potential pitfalls.

For instance, we know what you should and should not do when creating a scavenger hunt. We’ve heard stories of what’s gone awry when teams have been asked to take a picture inside a hospital operating room (that idea flatlined). And, did you know that most shopping malls don’t allow scavenger hunts at their properties? If they’ve asked a troop of Girl Scouts to vacate the premises (true story), trust us they’ll ask your group to do so as well.  So, using a professional team building company saves you from potential embarrassment.

Using a professional team building company shows

When using a professional team building company, it shows in the “look” of the event!

That’s why using a professional team building company makes sense.

And, we hope that you’ll choose us because the three Fs are what makes Wildly Different in particular easy to work with:

  • We’re fast. It gives us heartburn if we don’t get back to our clients immediately! And, we always meet our deadlines.
  • We’re flexible. Need the two-hour event to happen in one? No problem. Want to change a game to incorporate your products, make your CEO an integral part of the event, or incorporate your boss’ pet teacup poodle? Of course we can make that happen!
  • We’re friendly. We believe in creating relationships with our clients, which is why you’ll always work with someone from our core team, not get farmed out to any freelancer who is available.
Using a professional team building company's staff is sweet

Mac & Aeme show off how “sweet” it is to use a professional team building company

Team Building Events Mean Business

Last week on April 14th we were proud to participate in Global Meetings Industry Day, a day when leaders from across the meetings and events industry united to showcase the real impact the industry has on business, the economy and the community. Our own McKenzie Kaufeld Counts, Manager of Making It Happen, sat on a panel as part of Greater Orlando’s Meeting Professionals International chapter that discussed why meetings matter.

In Person Meetings Builds Relationships

If you’re trying to convince your colleagues that it’s important to hold an in-person meeting or event, Meetings Mean Business provides a great GMID Talking Points document that will help. Our favorites, which echo our sentiments on why you should host in-person team building events as well, include:

  • “Personal relationships are at the core of every business decision and face-to-face meetings provide professionals with that personal interaction, which leads to deeper relationships.” That’s why our networking events are so popular – they encourage people to interact with new people they may have never come into contact with before in a non-threatening way.
networking activities orlando

With a networking activity meeting new people CAN be fun!

  • “When people meet face-to-face, relationships are developed in a way that technology cannot recreate or match.” The only exception is if you can use technology in your team building event to strengthen relationships! For instance, in our iTech Trek events teams use an iPad to work together to explore an area while completing on-iPad challenges.

    iTech Trek

    iTech Trek – connecting people with technology.

  • “Meetings create a shared sense of missions and purpose, foster empathy across organizational lines and create camaraderie that positions an organization for success.” All of this is a key component in a face-to-face team building event like our Make a Scene event. In it, teams’ missions are to create a commercial for their company that shows their purpose (what sets them apart from all others). The camaraderie that’s developed in writing, directing and acting in the commercial strengthens what they need to focus on for success.

    make a scene

    Set up for our Make a Scene event. Teams are ready for their close up…

  • “The ability to sit down one-on-one with colleagues provides for instant collaboration and real-time productivity.” We especially love team building events that inspire people to work together to beat a deadline, such as our Escape program that challenges teams to be the first to solve problems in the form of clues and puzzles to escape a series of rooms they’re held captive in.

    team building escape game

    Can your team “Escape” in 90 minutes?

  • “These events serve as critical education platforms for professionals and are key components for developing advanced skills for workforce training.” And, education delivered in as fun format is more likely to be remembered. Remember Schoolhouse Rock? I never would have remembered the preamble to the Constitution without singing “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…” That’s why many of our team building events, such as our Not Your Typical Game Show, incorporate our client’s training information – to ensure the information sings in their heads for years to come!Not Your Typical Game Show – not your typical training activity!

Greater Meetings Industry Day also talked about the economic value the meetings and events industry contributes, highlighting these facts from Oxford Economics – 1) companies that invested more in business travel during the economic downturn grew the fastest and 2) every dollar invested in business travel realizes $9.50 in new revenue and produces $2.90 in profits. Good news for us, as we were on the road conducting team building events again this week!   Aeme’s suitcase is getting some wear and tear as she opened the week conducting a Red Wagon Brigade event for 250 people in Las Vegas and will close it in Miami delivering a jewelry-making charitable event to benefit Dress For Success – just doing our part to support the economy!

wildly different vegas

Aeme getting wildly different in Las Vegas