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5 Great Ideas For Fun Holiday Party Activities

Great corporate holiday parties don’t just happen – they are planned!  And, the best way to ensure your guests are having a good time is to plan some holiday party activities that fun and purposeful:

  1. Get people mixing and mingling – Conduct an icebreaker activity to encourage guests to venture past their typical cliques to interact with others.  And spouses, who may not know anyone else at the company holiday party, will thank you for giving them a reason to talk to others.  For example, one of our fun holiday party icebreaker activities finds guests trying to solve a wintry mystery by reading clues that are on guest’s nametags.  If they find all 10 clues and solve them, they’ll reveal where the missing presents are hidden and if they do, they’re placed in a prize drawing to win one of them at the end of the night!party mixer game
    cocktail party games
  2. Entertain guests in a cocktail party setting – Tuck holiday party activities in between the canapés and the cocktails.  For instance, at our Hurry-Up Holiday stations, guests can challenge one another to compete in quick holiday-themed challenges.  Which of the two can sort the Christmas ornaments first?  Which of the two can hook together the most candy canes in the longest string before time runs out?  If they win, they get a raffle ticket for a prize drawing.charity activity party reception
    party reception games
  3. Entertain guests around a dinner table – Sit next to the wrong person at the holiday party and it could be a long meal…Not so if you incorporate holiday party activities that take place before, during or even after the meal! Some of our favorites include a Winter Wonderland Game Show, complete with Holiday Trivia, Jingle Bell Rocks Music Challenge, Santa’s Survey Says and more.  Another is our No Table Unturned event that is like a murder mystery, as an actor introduces clues, but your tablemates are the stars as they work together around their table to solve the clues delivered with each course of the meal. All of these are great holiday networking activities.no table unturned
    corporate holiday party activity
  4. Give out presents – Consider having your guests compete in holiday party activities to win prizes, instead of just giving out raffle tickets.  For instance, in Presents Of Mind, an emcee calls out an ordinary item guests may be wearing or have on them.  The first guests to get those items to the assistants get to come on stage to compete for the chance to open one of the wrapped gifts on stage.  A Let’s Make a Deal element is incorporated as guests deliberate if they’ll go for the small box, the large box, or what’s in the emcee’s pocket!cup stacking party gamedonate presents chairty
  5. Help others – You could just have people bring a gift to the holiday party to donate.  Or, you could step up your game – literally – and have guests participate in holiday party activities that result in donations.  This could be as simple as setting up stations at your holiday party where guests could come by to stuff a bear to donate to a child in need, or paint a festive pot for a poinsettia that is delivered to a nursing home resident.  Or, you could create an organized team event that takes place at dinner tables before or after the meal, such as our Red Wagon Brigade where teams assemble and decorate Radio Flyer wagons and then compete in games to fill them with toys. Learn more about some of our charity team building options.toy donations

Like these ideas? Well we’ve got plenty more Christmas team building activities for your company holiday event! Contact Wildly Different today for your next corporate holiday party.