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Team Building Activities Los Angeles

“Why is Los Angeles the perfect place to have a team building event? Because as cities go, L.A. is the type of place where everyone feels like they belong somewhere.”

Corporate Team Building Events in Los Angeles

You can book any of our Wildly Different corporate team building events in Los Angeles. But, if you’re looking for themed team building events in Downtown L.A., Santa Monica, Hollywood, Culver City, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, or anywhere in-between, we offer indoor and outdoor team building activities that are sure to complement your surroundings! Our team building company has held team events, large and small for big and small businesses globally. Whether you are looking for a virtual team building game or to host an in person team bonding event, our unique activities include everything from escape rooms, scavenger hunts, team charity events, virtual activities, and so much more!

Remote & In Person Team Events

Virtual Escape Rooms

Undercover Escape

During this virtual experience, your team will be transformed into undercover spies. The event begins with a briefing from Mission Central explaining to the entire group that they have found themselves stranded in a hotel room, and that their cover has been blown. In order to obtain their new credential and return to Mission Central, your team of spies will need to work together to solve a series of clues. While playing, teams will earn points based on how well they complete the challenges, and the winning team will be the one with the highest score when the mission is over.

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Escape The Castle

This virtual escape room begins with teams discovering that beautiful castle they were expecting to arrive at is not at all as described. Instead, they find themselves trapped in the dungeon of an old, decaying castle and must make it to the roof before time runs out. Players must collaborate to make it from one room to the next while solving puzzles, audio clues, and other challenges. The team who earns the most points while making their escape will be the winning team.

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Remote Team Building Activities

Manor House Murder

During Manor House Murder, your group is transformed into detectives and must work together to determine which suspect killed the famous attorney, Laura Norder. Players will collaborate during this virtual experience as they carefully review the evidence, witness statements, and suspects’ profiles to catch the killer and figure out what weapon they used. All players will have fun in this classic team building event as they complete a variety of tasks including photo challenges and trivia too! At the end, the team of detectives that earn the most points while solving the case will be the winners.

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Donation Quest

This virtual team game is perfect for remote groups who want to give back. Players collaborate as they have fun completing a variety of tasks that are themed to community, charity, and giving back. Teams work to earn “gems” as they tackle trivia questions, solve clues, and complete photo and video tasks in an attempt to unlock the vault that will release a monetary donation to the charity or non-profit of your organization’s choosing. At the end of the event, all teams view a slideshow of the top photos and videos submitted during their quest. Last, the Game Master will announce the winning team, and just how much of an impact the group has made on the benefitting organization as a result of their efforts.

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Around The World

This virtual team bonding event will take your remote team on a unique journey together around the world. Throughout their travels, players must work together as they put their global knowledge to the test visiting dozens of countries and traveling 40,000 miles. At each destination, players will complete fun themed challenges such as taking a toga photo in Greece, or answering pop culture trivia like naming famous musicians from Great Britain. Teams will earn points based on how well they complete the different tasks, and the team with the highest score will be the winner. Of course, your group will thoroughly enjoy the memories made during their travels as they view a slideshow with the top photos and videos submitted during their adventure around the world.

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ESQ (Epic Selfie Quest) – Photo & Video Scavenger Hunt

It is well known that L.A. is the place for celebrity spotting. During this epic selfie quest, teams feel like celebrities as they take iconic photos using a custom app on their own devices as their guide around the area. Throughout the scavenger hunt, teams will earn points for completing tasks such as puzzles they must solve to reveal what type of team selfie they need to take. Other challenges may include having teams identify the celebrities’ photobombing selfies or identifying famous locations known for taking epic selfies. After the event, your organization will receive a link to an online slideshow and a link to download all the photos and videos submitted by the teams.

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The Great Race

This scavenger hunt, which celebrates travel, is the perfect team building activity for groups who are interested in exploring the area. Inspired by The Amazing Race, teams will use their mobile device as they work together to complete “routes” which are clues they need to solve; “detours” which allow them to choose between two different challenges; “roadblock” tasks, and so much more. As teams complete the different travel themed tasks, they will earn points, and the team who has the top score will be the winners. When the event concludes, your group will receive a slideshow with the top photos and videos from The Great Race as well as a link to download all the photos and videos the teams submitted during the event.

corporate team building events los angeles

Scavenger Hunts

Looking for a fun and unique company team building event in California? If your corporate group would like to explore the greater L.A. area such as Downtown L.A., Santa Monica, Hollywood, Culver City, Pasadena, Santa Barbara or beyond, our GPS scavenger hunts are the perfect solution. Your group can be broken down into teams, and using a custom app on their mobile devices, they will find GPS hot spots that will unlock fun tasks and challenges. Our scavenger hunts are the perfect fit for competitive groups as these events truly engage all employees.

corporate team building events los angeles

These are just some of the corporate team building activities we offer in Los Angeles. Visit our full list of team building events, and contact us for more information on what would be a great event for your company based on their needs. If you are interested in team building options for California, click here. We also offer completely custom team building events too.

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