Team Building Arizona

“Why is Arizona the perfect place for teams to build relationships and strengthen communication? As Joseph Stacey once said, “God lives everywhere – but – He vacations in Arizona.” And we know He’s not the only one! It’s also the ideal hub for meetings, events, and virtual activities! With so many opportunities for team bonding, it’s a wildly perfect place to be.”

Great Ideas for Corporate Team Building in Phoenix and Scottsdale

You can book any of our Wildly Different team building events in Arizona. But if you’re looking for themed team building events in Phoenix or team building events in Scottsdale, the following will certainly compliment your surroundings! We offer both indoor and outdoor events as well as virtual team building activities and games to accommodate both in-person meetings and remote team meetings. We also provide great team building options for Tempe, Tucson, and other Arizona locations. Regardless of what city you’re looking to host a team bonding event in, our unique activities include everything from escape rooms, scavenger hunts, charity events, hybrid activities for engagement, virtual activities, and more!

Remote & In Person Team Events

Virtual Escape Rooms

Undercover Escape

Ever wondered what it would be like to be an undercover spy? During this virtual experience, teams will do just that. The experience begins when players find themselves in a hotel room and quickly learn that their cover has been blown. Teams must work together and collaborate to solve a series of clues in an effort to obtain their new credentials and return to Mission Central. Along the way, teams will earn points based on their performance… the team with the highest score will be the winner.

Escape The Castle

During this virtual escape experience, teams find themselves stuck in the dungeon of an old, decaying castle. Working together, players must make their way from one locked room to the next in an attempt to make their grand escape up on the roof. Along the way, teams will earn points as they solve a series of audio clues, puzzles, hidden numbers and more that are themed to the room that they are in. The team that earns the most points in the allotted time will be the winner.

Remote Team Building Activities

Manor House Murder

During this virtual murder mystery, your group will become detectives as they must work together to determine who killed the famous attorney, Laura Norder. Teams will work together as they comb through evidence and witness statements to determine which suspect committed the crime and what weapon they used. All players will have a lot of fun as they tackle a variety of challenges including trivia and photo tasks. The team that earns the most points during the murder mystery will become the winning team of detectives!

Donation Quest

This give-back event is perfect for remote teams who are looking to make an impact for a non-profit or charity. Throughout Donation Quest, players must work together to complete trivia questions, solve clues, and complete photo and video tasks that are all themed to community, charity, and giving back. As teams continue along the quest, they will earn “gems” in an effort to unlock the vault and release a monetary donation to the charity of your organization’s choosing. The event concludes with a presentation of the photos and videos submitted throughout the experience and the announcement of the charitable contribution being made as a result of your group’s efforts during Donation Quest.

Around The World

Around the World is an interactive virtual team bonding activity where your remote group can take a journey around the world. Together, players will put their global knowledge to the test as they visit 22 countries and travel 40,000 miles. Throughout their travels, teams will participate in a variety of tasks including trivia about the Amazon Rainforest, a toga photo challenge in Greece, naming famous British musicians, and more! Teams earn points along their trip, and the team with the most points at the end will be the winner. Once all teams have completed their adventure, the group will have a great time viewing the top photos and videos submitted during the experience.


Explore – Photo & Video Scavenger Hunt

During his scavenger hunt, teams explore an area of interest such as a resort or downtown Tempe, Scottsdale, or the Presidio District in Tucson using their own mobile devices as their guide. GPS-based hotspots are placed around the hunt area and indicated with category-specific icons representing food and beverage, entertainment, music, puzzles, and trivia challenges. As teams take in the sights, they complete challenges such as taking a photo interacting with a statue; making a Carpool Karaoke video; answering pop culture trivia questions; or solving riddles.

The Great Race

The Great Race is perfect for groups who like to explore as this high-tech scavenger hunt (inspired by The Amazing Race) has teams completing challenges that celebrate travel. Each player is able to use their own device as they work with their team to complete “routes” which are travel themed trivia, clues, and photo tasks; “detours” which allow them to select between two different challenges, and “roadblock” tasks and more! Throughout the team building activity, teams will be earning points in an effort to outscore all the other teams before they reach the finish line. After the event, your organization will receive a link to an online slideshow and a link to download all the photos and videos submitted by the teams.

Scavenger Hunts

Looking for an authentic desert experience? If you’d like to explore local hot spots such as Old Town Scottsdale, Downtown Phoenix, Tempe or enhance a Jeep tour, a GPS scavenger hunt will allow you to do so together as a team. Have your team search for hot spots through an app on their mobile devices that include fun tasks and challenges that have them taking photos and videos! It’s the perfect competitive game to really explore an area with your colleagues and teammates.

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