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We design custom games and one-of-a-kind activities for organizations in all industries. These games are great tools for connecting your clients or employees with your brand and/or product in an engaging way. These play-based activities are unique to your organization’s brand, which not only elevates the user’s experience, but also allows you to rise above your competition.

If you are looking for a brand-new program or need assistance updating an existing offering, our Wildly Different team of game experts can help you step up your game! Here are some of the ways we can take your experience to the next level:

We design custom programs including escape rooms (both in-person and virtual) for sales representatives. Using your organization’s content, we develop training experiences based on your goals and objectives to engage participants. These tactics help your sales force to retain necessary and vital information helping you achieve your learning outcomes.

Looking to take your brand activation to a new level? We’ll help you design a prize-worthy promotion for your next virtual or in-person event.  Whether it’s a product launch, grand opening, or new way to get your audience to experience your offerings, we can create a game that will have your audience engaged with your brand like never before.

Or, maybe you want an alternative to the typical 5K or marathon? We produce treasure hunts and activities that can be used instead of or to enhance the ordinary special event.

We are experts at creating experiences that embody your company culture. Whether you’re looking for wildly different activities for recruiting new talent like a custom virtual escape room, onboarding new employees with a high-tech game show, or even creating a “Who Done It?” for a corporate retreat our experts have got you covered!

People are always looking for opportunities to make a difference. We create unique fundraisers for live and virtual events such as treasure hunts, that do just that.  Our custom family-friendly game experiences and activities put the spotlight on your organization’s cause while loosening donors’ wallets.

We create games and experiences that sail above the standard offerings including scavenger hunts both onboard and on private islands, tabletop escape rooms that can be done in limited and mixed-use space, murder mysteries, virtual art tour games, children’s and teen’s programs, and daily activity handouts.

We design cutting-edge virtual and live activities that have put heads in beds (and won one of our partners a prestigious Flagler Award).  From escape-the-room experiences, to high-tech treasure hunts, GPS Hot Spot scavenger hunts, team building events, pool parties, resort tours, children’s programming, and more!

We specialize in coming up with games that can be done by groups in a theme park that won’t impact employees or the regular guest experience.  Games include high-tech theme park hunts, team building programs, activities that end in a surprise engagement, and even virtual games that entice people to visit the parks at a later date.

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Case Study

Blogger Game Show – Custom Team Building Event

A health insurance client wanted to impart fun facts about wellness to bloggers taking part in an event they hosted during runDisney’s Marathon Week.

How it worked.
Guests joined a team table where they got to meet fellow bloggers. They were soon doing more than jumping for joy at making new friends – they were doing jumping jacks and other exercises as a way to represent what their answers were to multiple-choice, health and fitness questions! Other games soon followed, such as Body Part Boogie that had them dancing in place and then stopping to touch the part of their body that was the next lyric in the song. If they touched the right part, they got to stay in the game, but everyone learned a healthy tip to help them with that body part! This custom team building event worked out in more than one way – bloggers laughed and posted throughout the event, many shared the healthy facts they learned with their subscribers afterwards and the client booked us to do it again for their next event!

The Results.

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