Wildly Differernt Team Building Consultants

Maybe you offer your customers game-based play. You have the means to implement a great event – a location, venue and staff. But, what you don’t have is the time to freshen up your offerings and create unique experiences that make you stand out from your competition. We can help. We are Wildly Different team building consultants!

Let our amazing team of event producers at Wildly Different help you step up your game!  Here are some of the ways we’ve helped our partners move from “blah” to winning their target market’s “awe”…

Cruise Ships

We’ve created team building games that sail above the standard offerings including scavenger hunts both onboard and on private islands, murder mysteries, iPad art tour games, children’s and teen’s programs and daily puzzle sheet handouts.


We’ve designed treasure hunt promotions that have put heads in beds (and won one of our partners a prestigious Flagler Award), team building events, pool parties, resort tours and children’s programming.

Tour Companies

We’ve dreamt up ideas to keep kids entertained on the bus (so the wheels could keep going round and round without driving everyone crazy) and at sites in countries around the world.

Event Marketers

Our minds were racing when we devised hunts to enhance 5Ks and 13Ks to turn a run into a special event. We’ve also enjoyed developing ways to gamify promotions for a television show, movie, book launch and more.


People will pay to have an unique team building experience and they’ll pay even more when it’s for a good cause.  We’ve loosened donors’ wallets by creating unique treasure hunts and family-friendly events in support of a variety of non-profit organizations.

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