Team Building In Pennsylvania

“Why is Pennsylvania the perfect place for teams to build relationships and strengthen communication? With deep roots in our nation’s history, Pennsylvania is home to great food, beautiful small towns, amazing cities, and gorgeous state parks. It’s also the ideal hub for meetings, events, and virtual activities! With so many opportunities for team bonding, it’s a wildly perfect place to be.”

Wildly Different Team Building Activities in Pennsylvania

You can book any of our Wildly Different team building events in Pennsylvania. But if you’re looking for themed team building events in Pittsburgh or team building events in Philadelphia, and anywhere in between, the following will certainly compliment your surroundings! We offer both indoor and outdoor events as well as virtual activities and games to accommodate both in-person meetings and remote team meetings. We also provide great teambuilding options for Allentown, Harrisburg, Hershey, Valley Forge/King of Prussia, and other Pennsylvania locations. Regardless of what city you’re looking to host a team bonding event in, our unique activities include everything from escape rooms, scavenger hunts, charity events, hybrid activities for engagement, virtual activities, and more!





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Remote & In Person Corporate Team Events

Virtual Escape Rooms

Undercover Escape

During this virtual team building activity, your group will be transformed into undercover agents. The experience begins when participants find themselves in a hotel room with their credentials missing and immediately, they realize that that they will take on a brand-new identity, as undercover spies. The game begins with a briefing from Mission Central where our new agents quickly discover that their cover has been blown! With their assets and credentials missing, teams must work together by tackling a series of challenges and solving a variety of interactive clues in order to complete their assignment. Collaboration is key during this virtual event as teams will earn points based on how well they complete each task. The team of winning spies will be the team with the highest score at the end of the mission!

Timeline – An 80s Escape Room

In a not-so-distant future, in a world not too far away, a toxin has been released! Economies are collapsing, societies are breaking down, and the entire globe is in a grody state. Luckily, you can fix this! As it turns out, your grandfather has built a time machine that will allow you to go back in time to the 80s and destroy the formula, in order to save the future.

Teams will have a totally tubular time as they travel back in time to the 80s where they will explore their father’s old room. Using an online platform, teams will be fully immersed in this time-traveling experience as they rotate 360 degrees around the digitized room. One player will be designated as the Team Leader and will be tasked with sharing their screen with the rest of their team. However, for maximum team engagement and collaboration, all players are encouraged to play along on their own computers while they solve puzzles and clues in order to find and get rid of the formula before it’s too late.

Virtual Games and Team Builders

In a Jam – A Rockin’ Mystery

It’s one hour before showtime, and your rock band has awoken only to discover that very important items needed for showtime have gone missing… including a very important member of the band! The first thing your band must work together to find are keys to your tour bus. From there, you will retrace your steps as you hunt for your setlist, backstage passes, and most importantly, your lead guitarist! Along the way, your group will earn points by completing a variety of fun challenges such as identifying a series of “on the road” themed songs to see where they’ve been and where they need to go, or using the names and numbers of the songs on a jukebox to solve a clue. This virtual activity ends on a high note as all teams find out which band rocked their way to the top of the scoreboard!

Donation Quest

This virtual team bonding event is perfect for groups who want to give-back because during this interactive quest teams must work together to answer charity-themed challenges. As teams complete the various levels in Donation Quest, they’ll tackle trivia questions, solve clever clues, and smile for the camera during the photos and videos tasks. All the while, teams will be earning “gems” to unlock a vault and release money for the charity of your choosing! At the end of the event, all teams will view a slideshow where they will truly visualize the fun they had throughout the game. However, the best part of the experience is when your organization reveals how much money the group earned for a worthy cause during Donation Quest.

Around The World

Looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure for your group? Organize a virtual globe-trotting trip that will put your group’s collaboration skills to the test while traveling around the world! Beginning in Argentina your group will journey to 21 countries across 40,000 virtual miles while testing their teamwork and creativity. Each country contains a series of new tasks and engaging challenges such as performing a Bollywood dance in India or answering questions about the rainforest in Brazil. Before traveling on, teams must guess their next destination from cryptic clues to get the ticket they need for the next leg of their journey. Throughout their travels, all players will learn something new and have a great time interacting with their colleagues while exploring during this unique experience!

Self Led / In Person Team Activities

The Great Race

Scavenger hunts are our most sought-after team building events, with The Great Race being our bestselling event of all time! Inspired by The Amazing Race, this scavenger hunt celebrates travel and has teams using iPads or their own mobile devices to explore the event area while tackling a variety of tasks. These tasks include routes (travel-related trivia and clues they must solve), detours, and roadblocks challenges, and more! Throughout their team bonding adventure, players will also take fun photos and videos while working together to outscore their competition! At the end of the experience, all teams will enjoy a slideshow of the top photos and videos submitted during the experience. Finally, the winning team will be called forward to collect their prize – shiny, gold award medals!

Red Wagon Brigade

Red Wagon Brigade
This charitable team building event begins with teams assembling and decorating wagons for children in need. Then, participants will compete in challenges led by the emcee that are reminiscent of favorite childhood games. The better teams perform during the challenges, the more points they will earn for their team! As points are awarded, so too are toys that teams will place in their wagons. Although there will only be one winning team collecting award medals at the end of the Red Wagon Brigade, your entire group will feel like winners knowing they made a real difference for children in the local community.

Football Frenzy

Whether your group is made up of football fanatics or Super Bowl commercial fans, your players will ALL be pumped up to take the field during Football Frenzy! This innovative and dynamic team building event has each team using an iPad, or their own mobile device as their guide while tackling a variety of football-themed challenges such as a football toss, naming the jock rock song bytes, and submitting team photos, such as their best Heisman trophy pose. The event ends with all teams huddling together to find out which team will be called forward to collect their award medals and be recognized as the MVPs. But all players will walk away feeling like Super Bowl champs after participating in football frenzy!

Movie Madness Game Show

For our movie lovers everywhere, Movie Madness Game Show includes a variety of trivia and active challenges that are perfect for engaging groups of all sizes. During this team building event, your group will work together in teams during a series of challenges that are sure to be a Block Buster hit! For instance, after listening to a snippet of I Will Always Love You from The Bodyguard, the emcee asks if it’s true that it is from the best-selling movie soundtrack of all time (it’s not – Saturday Night Fever was!). And in Throw Me a Line, players must name the movie after the emcee reads out a quote. To further the viewing experience, on-stage challenges featuring popcorn and Oscar statues keep players on the edge of their seats!

Hi-Tech Scavenger Hunts

Looking for an authentic Pennsylvania “Keystone State” experience? If you’d like to explore local hot spots around Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or enhance an experience at Hershey Park, Kennywood, or the Philadelphia Zoo, this GPS scavenger hunt will allow you to do so together as a team. Go high-tech with it and have your team search for GPS-activated hotspots through an app on their mobile devices that include fun tasks and challenges! It’s the perfect competitive game to really explore an area with your colleagues and teammates.

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