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“Roald Dahl said, “Life is more fun if you play games.” As we spend one-third of our life at work, shouldn’t some of it be fun? Because, when you get to have fun with your colleagues, you build camaraderie, which in turn builds loyalty, which saves you money on recruiting and training new people. Suddenly, you understand, team building is about way more than just playing games…”

Fun sits squarely at the center of everything we do. Using game-based play and design our amazing team of event producers are experts in creating truly memorable team building experiences. We handle everything from start to finish. That means the only thing you’ll need to worry about is exactly how much fun your team is going to have.

Experiences are designed to bring out the best in you and your teammates by encouraging game-based strategy, exploration, creative problem-solving and communication in an insanely fun and collaborative environment.

In Person Team Building Events

We literally have hundreds of in person team bonding activities and events – everything from A-Wild! Whether you’re looking for a team building classic or something wildly different, we’ve separated the most popular events into categories to help you hone in on the perfect experience for your group.

Charity Team Building

Want a team building event that not only makes an impact on your participants but also on the local community? Then a charitable team building event is ideal. You pick the charity – or we can offer suggestions – and you’ll give your participants that feel-good factor while doing something good for others.

Networking Activities

When planning a networking activity, people often focus on what people will eat and drink or what type of entertainment they will hear or see. They often give little thought to what guests will actually do and how guests will interact with their brand. Food and drink are important, but if you want your guests to remember the good time they had connecting with one another more so than the pigs in a blanket they ate, we can help!

Customized Events

Couldn’t find the perfect event to meet your objectives? There’s a reason we’re called Wildly Different. We live to create something totally unique to give you the perfect event to meet your goals and objectives. So go ahead – reach out and see if we’re up to the challenge!

Virtual Team Building

Our virtual team builders are great for engaging remote teams of all sizes! With a variety of virtual event offerings, our remote games will keep your group engaged and connected while having fun together, no matter their location!

Hybrid Team Building

Meeting planners know that networking and interaction are one of the biggest factors that drive meeting registration and attendance. Keep your in-person and remote meeting participants engaged during your hybrid meeting with one of our hybrid team building activities.

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