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Active & Competitive Team Building Games

These competitive team building games are great for an activity where the goal is to get out of the typical meeting space and enjoy some friendly competition. These events require some physical activity but are accessible for people of all levels of physical ability.

Crunch Time

This team building event takes Minute To Win It to the next level and puts a whole different twist on it. Teams participate in a series of short physical challenges using unexpected items. Teams have a certain amount of time to practice each game but points only accrue when it’s crunch time!

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Float Your Boat

“Whatever floats your boat” are good words to live by. But, in this build a boat team building activity, they are essential, as teams must build a boat capable of holding two of their teammates in a race against all other teams. The build a boat materials? Nothing more than cardboard and duct tape!

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Football Frenzy

Teams will be pumped up to tackle these football-themed challenges located throughout your event location. The only equipment they’ll need to carry with them are their pads – team iPads that is! Teams will participate in a variety of fun tasks that anyone – even an armchair quarterback – could tackle like a football toss, name the jock rock song bytes, Tic-Tac-Touchdown and more!

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s Kapow! The high-tech event that puts your team’s super hero qualities to the test in a flash as they use a phone or tablet to complete a series of super hero-themed challenges! As teams fly around exploring the event area they’ll answer questions, take photos, record videos and more to get their spirits soaring.

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Level Up

During this team builder, teams use a custom app as their guide as they make their way through five levels, with each passing level becoming more complex and worth more points! Some challenges involve solving puzzles and cracking codes, while others require teams to tap into their creative sides. All of this happens as teams race against the ticking clock! At the end of the event, a presentation is shown featuring a “best of” selection of photos and videos.

level up team building activity

Pick a Side

During this interactive team building event, small teams compete head-to-head against a different team in each round as they add points to their “side” for each win! Before each round, an explanation of how to play is provided, and best of all, ALL teams can play at the same time. In between each game, half of the teams rotate clockwise while the rest rotate counter-clockwise ensuring all participants get to mix and mingle with multiple teams throughout the event.

Summer Camp Challenge

Bring back all of the fun of summer camp…without the bug bites and awkward teen moments. Groups explore the “camp” as they meet up with Counselors who challenge them with a series of physical, mental and creative activities. Win or lose, we promise that your entire team will leave feeling like truly happy campers!

team builders summer camp challenge


Tribes strive to do the best they can in a series of creative, physical and mental challenges. Who will surstrive and who will be thrown off the island at the end of the activity? Only time will tell in this competitive team building activity with a tropical twist!

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The Amazing Chase

Teams have an amazing time chasing down locations where they acquire points for performing physical, mental and creative challenges. This versatile activity, designed with the hit TV show Amazing Race in mind, is highly customizable. Great for product launches and other events where you want to highlight company information or reinforce meeting content.

amazing chase team building activity

The Games

It’s time for your team to strive for the gold in a series of relays appropriate for those with a coach or a couch potato mentality! Whether they experience the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat, all walk away a stronger team! And, if a sports theme doesn’t “play” well with you, we can incorporate other themes, such as beach games, superhero games and more. Competitive team building games are our specialty.

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What Our Clients Say.

Chariots Afire – “Our company is going through an integration process after a recent acquisition. Our goal for the team building activity was to bring the teams from both businesses together in a fun and creative environment and make them work in unison to set the tone for the future. Wildly different accomplished that for us!”

– Sandra G., Derma Sciences

Crunch Time – “Wildly Different is my go-to for team building in Orlando. I will definitely start reaching out for our other locations. They come up with fun, creative options for us and always execute perfectly onsite!”

– Jennifer K. SYNNEX Corporation.

With Flying Colors- “As a fellow Meeting Professionals International member I’ve always wanted to work with Lisa Jennings company, because she’s truly a creative event professional that’s always coming up with the best new ideas! As soon as I learned of her Flying Colors event I knew that my group would absolutely love this new and innovative team building challenge that we successfully turned into a fundraising event for our PAC. Her and her staff are super organized and fantastic to work with. I would recommend this event to anyone who’s thinking about shaking things up and taking their events to the next level.”

– Ralph R., Florida Apartment Association

Amazing Chase – “I want to thank you for the AMAZING job you and your team did in making our Team Building event a huge success. From the kickoff, during the challenges and through to the scoring, your team was fantastic.  Every one of your team members was organized, friendly and so much fun -our group thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We were all talking during dinner last night and the stories of how much fun we had were hysterical.

Can’t say enough about what a great job you did.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Patty P, Hurricane Grill & Wings

Competitive Team Building Activities Case Study

competitive team building activity

With Flying Colors

An apartment association was looking for a colorful twist on their usual golf tournament fundraiser. We had the bright idea to create a color non-run for those who always wanted to experience a color run, but without that whole sweaty running part.  This was a unique twist on our typical competitive team building games.

How it worked.

Teams – many of whom were non-golfers thrilled to be able to participate for a change – paid to participate in the event. The association signed up sponsors and we created a different challenge for each one to highlight their business. For instance, for a paint company, teams had to use a three-man slingshot to get colored balls into paint cans. Once a team got the right balls into the right color paint can, they got color thrown onto their event T-shirts. Teams convened at the end and got a matching colored envelope for every color on their shirts. When given the signal, teams ripped open the envelopes and used what was inside to reveal a secret phrase. The first team to call out the answer won the grand prize!

The Results.

competitive team activity
competitive team building activities
competitive team building events
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