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Corporate Charity Team Building Events

Charity matters! Corporate social responsibility not only drives employee engagement, it directly benefits teamwork, improves employee retention, and boosts company morale. We produce charity team building events that are developed with corporate social responsibility in mind that your team will be excited to participate in!

Donation Quest

Teams explore an event area or gameboard using an app on their own devices to “unlock” a variety of fun challenges themed to philanthropy and a sense of community. When they’ve successfully completed enough tasks, they also unlock donations that will help a charity or local non-profit of your choosing.

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Make An Impact

Teams utilize a game app that uses GPS technology, image recognition and augmented reality to complete a wide range of multimedia challenges to earn “impacts.” Each “impact” earned translates into a donation towards a global project of their choosing, making a world of change to those in need.

impact corporate charity event

Sustainability Quest

Guests participate in a fun and educational team experience that has them using a game app to complete tasks that will both challenge and educate them about the environment and sustainability. Based on which trivia, puzzles, photo and video tasks they complete, they’ll learn which approved charities/NGOs, carefully selected from 34 different countries, will receive money to work on their sustainable development goals.

csr team building activity

Book Smart

This app-based team builder will bring your group together as they set out on a scavenger hunt that celebrates literacy. The event kicks off with teams receiving a book bag and our interactive app with the Book Smart game. Teams must navigate to the GPS coordinates to tackle engaging tasks and challenges. Successful completion of challenges will earn their team books for donation to the local community. When time is up, the top team will come forward to collect their well-deserved award medals!

book smart team building event

Clean Water Challenge

This app-based charity driven team bonding activity has teams drinking in facts about the global community as they compete in a scavenger hunt. Throughout the event, teams complete physical, mental, photo and videos tasks and earn parts needed to assemble water filters that will be donated to improve the quality of life for someone who does not have access to clean water.

clean water challenge for charity

ArCANtecture / Canned Goods Carnival

Teams display their “can-do” attitude by using canned food to either create a sculpture or a carnival game. The team with the most creative sculpture or carnival game will win and everyone will get to play their game. After the event, all canned goods are donated to a charity or local food bank!

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Mini Golf Fore Good

This charitable event is anything but par for the course. Teams build mini golf holes out of canned goods and a putting green. After playing a round of 9, teams vote on their favorite golf hole and all canned food and are donated to a local charity after the winners are announced!

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Race To Feed The Hungry

In this event, teams race to assemble and decorate folding grocery carts. They’ll also play games such as Food Factor Fiction, identifying what the Tasty Tunes played are, and racing to be the first to get a string of food-related emojis texted to the emcee on stage! The better they do, the more non-perishable food items they’ll earn to fill their cart. All are donated at the end to stock the shelves of a community charity that provides for food-insecure families.

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Red Wagon Brigade

Teams assemble and decorate wagons for kids in need to play with. Next, they compete in challenges reminiscent of their favorite childhood games to win points for their team and toys to place in their wagon. Their points also give them supplies to decorate their wagon as they vote for who has the most creative wagon!

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Power Play

Nearly 10% of the world’s population lives in energy poverty, resulting in 3.8 million deaths annually. By participating in this illuminating charity team building activity, your group can assemble SolarBuddy solar lights for children living in energy poverty. Through engaging challenges like trivia, video challenges, and musical activities, teams learn about energy poverty and sustainability. The winning team earns recognition as the brightest stars, then all participants assemble SolarBuddy lights sent to children worldwide.

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After School Snack Sacks

Teams will transform plain, eco-friendly canvas bags into reusable snack sacks any child would be excited to keep even when the food is gone! After the sacks have been decorated, teams fill them with snack items like cereal, macaroni and cheese, crackers, pretzels, granola bars and fruit snacks.

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Hospital Art

Teams work together to turn black and white pre-designed canvases into colorful, cheerful works of art. These canvases are donated through The Foundation for Hospital Art to a hospital, clinic, nursing home, or shelter.

charity event hospital art for children

Clean Water Challenge

This app-based charity driven team bonding activity has teams drinking in facts about the global community as they compete in a scavenger hunt. Throughout the event, teams complete physical, mental, photo and videos tasks and earn parts needed to assemble water filters that will be donated to improve the quality of life for someone who does not have access to clean water.

clean water challenge for charity

Art of Giving

Using a sketchpad as their guide, this charity team event has participants competing in exciting arts and crafts challenges, all aimed at brightening the lives of those in need. From identifying famous paintings to sculpting with Play-Doh, each station offers a unique experience. As teams earn points, they also assemble arts and crafts kits filled with essentials like paint brushes, Play-Doh, and coloring books for donation. The event ends with the top-scoring team earning awards medals and the donated kits handed over to a local charity representative, spreading joy to those who need it most.

art of giving team event

Race for Relief

During this charity team building, teams are challenged with building a car using K’nex wheels and pieces, with the body of the car must be made from items being donated to the chosen cause. Throughout the building phase, teams test their cars on the tracks to ensure their ready for race time. And after the races awards are given to the teams with the fastest car, most creative design, and for the most spectacular crash. The event closes with the group learning how the donation from Race for Relief will impact the local community.

race for relief

Battle for the Troops

This competitive, fast-paced event puts the spotlight on the military in a series of fun tasks, such as Oh Say Can You Sing where teams must identify the patriotic songs being sung by other teammates, Military Movie Match, and a Red, White or Blue guessing game. The points add up to dollars that are donated to benefit a military non-profit such as the USO.

corporate charity military event

Give Back Game Show

Attendees work together with their teams to win rounds of games themed towards the charity. At the end of each round, the winning team chooses a box from the stage. Each box represents items that will be donated to a local non-profit after the event. The value of the items in the chosen box determines the points given to the team. At the end of the event the team with the most points wins and so does the charity, which gained exposure for their cause and all of the donation items!

give back game show

Kids Snack Packages

This care packages event is a fun twist on the traditional. Teams stuff drawstring backpacks with non-perishable food items for children in need. And, in order to earn the food items, teams must compete in a series of games that are sure to bring back fun memories of their own childhood!

team bonding childrens charity

Play for Keeps

Teams test much-needed, brand-new sports equipment in a series of relays before handing it over to a charity that desperately needs it. Kids from the charity can even be on hand to help their team win the day.

corporate csr competitive

Reading Rocks!

Teams participate in challenges such as literature-based trivia, a spelling bee, and “Book Bingo” to win books donated to a local charity to encourage success through literacy. The team collecting the most books wins!

reading rocks corporate team event

Toy Chest Challenge

This event will make your attendees feel like a kid again as they compete in challenges that ultimately helps kids in need! Teams rotate through a series of hands-on games like Pony Hop Races, Block Stacking, Crayon Ring Toss and more that center around the toys being donated to the local non-profit. The team with the most points at the end also goes home with a prize–no do-overs!

toy challenge event

Unlock The Donation

If your group has a cause that’s near and dear to them, then this event, which builds on the popularity of Escape rooms, is ideal. That’s because it finds teams racing to solve clues and be the first to open, not only their hearts to the charity, but a locked chest containing a donation for them!

unlock the donation team building activities

What Our Clients Say.

CSR Team Building Case Study

build a bear charity event

Building Futures

The goal was to rally a team of 75 people to help build furniture, stuff teddy bears, assemble and deliver care packages full of necessities to give to local families in need.

How it worked.

Working with the local community’s family services department, the team went to work assembling desks, dressers, tables and chairs. For those who weren’t “mechanically inclined”, we had teddy bears they could stuff and care packages they could assemble with items the families needed. The team also played games to win items to donate to the families, such as drinking glasses, cutlery, gift cards, a bike, etc.

The Results.

charity team building results
case study for charity programs implemented

Team Building Event Basics

Have you been tasked with organizing a team building activity for charity for your group and need help getting the planning process started? Our team building experts, with decades of experience, have created a list of top tips and answers to our most frequently asked questions about charity team building activities in order to help you plan the perfect team building event that will benefit a good cause!

Why are corporate charity team building activities good for business?

For groups that are unsure of how their group will respond to “team building,” or are hesitant when it comes to “organized fun” we ALWAYS recommend doing a charity team building event. Charity team building activities are one of the top ways to bring a group together! Why? Because when participants come together for a charitable cause, it creates a unique sense of comradery. People immediately get a sense of pride when it comes to giving back to those in need.

Not only will your group feel fulfilled after giving back, but their admiration and appreciation for your organization will grow too. In fact, according to the Doing Good is Good For You Study, “Almost three-fourths of employees who volunteer through work report feeling better about their employer.” This is because organized charitable team building activities not only strengthen bonds among peers, but they also earn your organization increased levels of respect. This leads to reduced turnover, saving your organization money in the long run!

Additionally, doing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) team building activity provides you with an opportunity to put the spotlight on the positive impact your organization has on the local community (or the world). While your participants benefit from having fun and building relationships while working together for the greater good, your clients, prospects, and peers will take notice of your efforts too!

How much do charity team building events cost?

A standard in-person charity team builder event for groups of 50 or more are approximately $100 per person. It’s important to remember that charitable team building activities have a higher price tag due to the hard costs associated with the donation.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, we recommend doing one of our standard team building events, such as a scavenger hunt or game show and adding a charitable component. These events are more affordable as they involve less event equipment. To make them charitable, each team can play for the charity of their choice, or the winning team can choose where they would like the cash donation to go. If desired, your organization can also have a pre-selected list of charities for teams to choose from.

How far in advance should I plan a charity team building event?

At Wildly Different Team Building Experiences, we cannot guarantee availability or “hold” a date unless we have received a signed contract. Therefore, we always recommend planning your charity or give back team builder as far in advance as possible. Keep in mind, the larger your group (or the larger the donation), the more time we will need to secure physical donation items. Typically, the minimum time we need in order to plan and execute a charity team building event is 3 weeks from the date the signed contract was received.

Where can we do our team event?

Events can take place in a variety of locations. Most of the giveback events that our team building company plans take place in a hotel ballroom or private event space. Though we have also done charity events at our clients’ offices, at outdoor locations such as large parks, and around city centers!

If you are unsure about what type of event location will work best for the charity team building event you have selected, our team of team building professionals can make recommendations to point you in the right direction.

During the proposal process, our team we will provide a list of our needs from the event facility based on the event selected. This may include tables, chairs, access to power, etc., as well as what time we will need to access the space to set-up. On the day of the event we will bring the event materials, including the donation (if applicable) to the event space. Our team will load-in, set-up, breakdown, and load-out all the charity team building event materials. Our team building company’s policy is to leave an event location neat and clean!

Charity Specific Questions

How do I pick a charity to benefit from our charity team building event?

Once you’ve decided you’re going to do a team building for charity, the next decision you have to make is what type of activity you’re going to do. We recommend determining the type of charity or cause you want to benefit before selecting the type of activity. This is because the type of charity you pick will greatly influence your team building activity selection process!

Does your organization or corporate group already have a cause that they are aligned with? If so, that’s a great place for you to begin your planning process. If not, survey your decision makers or the event participants and ask if anyone has a personal connection to a charity or cause.

For example, you may find out that someone at your company already volunteers regularly at a local non-profit such as a food bank or women’s shelter! Alternatively, you may find out that someone from your organization recently had a loved one who was battling cancer, and you would like to support an organization that provides support to cancer patients.

By selecting a charity or a cause that your organization and participants have a personal connection to and are passionate about, you will gain excitement, generate momentum, and immediately increase your rate of participation among your attendees.

Having trouble making a decision? Our team has relationships with charitable organizations and non-profits around the country. We would love to connect your organization with a charity or non-profit that we have worked with before.

We’ve picked a charity! Now, how do we select a charity team building activity?

The type of charity you’ve selected will greatly influence the team building activity that your group will do.

For instance, if you decide you want to benefit a local food bank, the activity you select would likely include a creative and friendly competition using canned foods or non-perishable food items. At Wildly Different, we offer team building charity activities such as ArCANtecture where teams create sculptures out of canned foods, Mini Golf Fore Good where teams build miniature golf holes and play a round, and Canned Goods Carnival where teams must create a fun and unique game for others to play using boxed and canned goods. At the end of each of those events, all the canned or boxed foods are then repacked and donated to a food bank or food pantry local to the meeting location.

Looking to benefit children who are experiencing homelessness? You may want to do something like our Kids Snack Pack event where teams compete in a game show that is full of fun and exciting challenges while earning snack pack items. Once teams have completed the game show, they will work together to assemble the kids snack packs. After the event, the assembled snack packs are donated to charity local to your event or meeting location that serves underprivileged families.

The charity we picked needs money, not hard goods. What kind of team building activity can we do?

One of the biggest challenges that charities and non-profits face is that the item they need the most is money. Charities use donated funds for things including paying rent for space (where they serve the local community or keep their inventory), sustaining a building (hard costs such as maintenance), maintaining vehicles (trucks used to pick-up and deliver donations), paying their employees, the list goes on and on… Unfortunately, money is often the last thing that charities receive as a result of corporate charity team building activities.

Although money isn’t something your group can easily build, decorate, or assemble, it IS something that that your participants can “earn” during a team building activity for charity! At Wildly Different, we offer both in-person and virtual charity team building activities such as Donation Quest where teams complete tasks and challenges earning “dollars” along the way.

Prior to the event, your organization is able to designate a total amount that the group can earn, and teams compete to see which one is able to earn the most amount of money during their charity team building event!

We know we want to BUILD something. Who can we donate it to?

A lot of our clients reach out to us saying they want to do a build a bike team building or our Race to Feed the Hungry, or that they would like to assemble something for charity, however, they don’t know which organization should receive these donated items…

Many of our charity team building activities including our most popular charity event, The Red Wagon Brigade, result in a donation that is great for non-profits with children or families in need. This may include Boys and Girls Clubs of America, children’s hospitals, local schools in underprivileged areas, women’s shelters, etc. No matter which charitable team building activity you chose, our Wildly Different team of experts can assist you in selecting a great charity!

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