Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunt Events

Hunting for the perfect activity that allows your group to get out and about and explore an area of interest? You’ll find that these team building scavenger hunts will be treasured by your guests:

CSI – Crime Scene Inquisition

The group reports to the briefing room, where CSI’s Lead Investigator gives them a case book outlining ciphers they must solve, a list of crime scenes they must visit to analyze evidence along with forensic equipment to help them at these locations, and a list of suspects. Teams have only a couple of hours to solve the crime.

Donation Quest

A charitable event that finds teams gathering charitable items to make care packages at the end of the event each time they track down and solve a clue correctly. It’s no mystery that your group will love this charitable activity and hunt rolled into one!

ESQ (Epic Selfie Quest)

Are you ready for your close up? Teams attempt to earn points by solving clues that reveal the locations or items they must feature in team selfies taken throughout the event area.


“Calling” all treasure hunters – you don’t have to use an app to participate in our smart phone hunts! Teams access a list of clues from a private website via their smart phones. They simply log on, tap the dropdown menu and start solving clues that utilize touch, sound, photos and more!

In-Room Hunt

Who said you have to go out and about to do a hunt? In this version – great for theme parties or trade shows – guests hunt down clue stations placed throughout one room. More than a solution is revealed – so too is corporate information woven into the clues. Guests solving all of the clues are placed into a grand prize drawing. This is a great solution for an indoor team building scavenger hunt!

iTech Trek

In this high tech trek, teams utilize an iPad to navigate challenges found throughout the event area. Challenges are varied as teams search for items that unlock in-app games, take team photos, watch video clips and listen to audio clips to solve clues, and more!

The Great Race

Teams have an amazing time chasing down locations where they acquire points for performing physical, mental and creative challenges on their iPad. This versatile activity can be conducted as a road rally, or on foot in an area of interest.

Treasure Hunts

If you can think of a theme, we can create a hunt for it, whether it’s Pirates, International Spies, Sherlock Holmes or just something you have a wild hair about. Working in teams, participants solve a variety of clues. Our specialty is creating clever clues that are fun, not predictable! Hunts can be delivered in a book, on an iPad, or as a smartphone hunt! And, they are the perfect way to explore an area of interest and incorporate custom company information.

What Our Clients Say.

Corporate Team Hunts Case Study

Shape Our Future

A client wanted a team building/training hunt that put the spotlight on their company’s internal website that promoted health and fitness.

How it worked.

Teams borrowed iPads that were preloaded with a customized hunt app to complete 18 different challenges related to the initiatives promoted on their health and fitness website. Teams solved clues such as, “Our website stresses the importance of drinking a lot of water and staying well hydrated. But, what gets wetter and wetter the more it dries? Figure it out and videotape your teammates doing a fashion show with the item!” We could have wrung out our own towel with the tears of laughter that were running down our faces watching the videos! And, the meeting planner cried tears of joy seeing the team’s never-waning interest in combing through the website to hunt down the clues, so they could score a healthy amount of points in this photo & video scavenger hunt.

The Results.