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Orson Welles summed up what we believe about creating custom team building when he said, “Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” We talk to you about your unique vision for your team building event. Then, we create custom team building events that get that message across in a way that your team can identify with and relate to.

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Your Team. Your Experience.

No two teams are the same. That’s why every one of our custom team building events can be a tailored experience – start to finish – to meet your goals and those of the organization.

Our innovative approach to custom team-building starts with a phone call. Right from the get-go we partner with our clients to understand and learn about their team’s unique needs and what they hope to get out of this experience.

We take what we learn and our producers get to work developing custom team building events that your team will consider a success.

Customized Events Case Study

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Case Study

Blogger Game Show

A health insurance client wanted to impart fun facts about wellness to bloggers taking part in an event they hosted during runDisney’s Marathon Week.

How it worked.
Guests joined a team table where they got to meet fellow bloggers. They were soon doing more than jumping for joy at making new friends – they were doing jumping jacks and other exercises as a way to represent what their answers were to multiple-choice, health and fitness questions! Other games soon followed, such as Body Part Boogie that had them dancing in place and then stopping to touch the part of their body that was the next lyric in the song. If they touched the right part, they got to stay in the game, but everyone learned a healthy tip to help them with that body part! The event worked out in more than one way – bloggers laughed and posted throughout the event, many shared the healthy facts they learned with their subscribers afterwards and the client booked us to do it again for their next event!

The Results.

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