Executive Team Building Events

If you’re planning an executive team building event or retreat, remember Heraclitus’s quote – “A leader is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.” These executive team building events use the power of play to help your top executives or even board of directors tap into their creativity, get inspiration, look at their business in a new light, help others, or simply return to the office refreshed after participating in a fun activity. 

Charitable Events

There is a wildly different array of charitable events we can organize to give back to your favorite type of charity!  Find the perfect charity team building event for your executive staff or board of directors..

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms, in which small groups of people are locked in a room and must solve a series of clues and puzzles in order to “escape,” are all the rage. And, they make perfect sense for an executive team building as they put creative, strategic and problem-solving skills to the test.  The best part?  You don’t need multiple rooms to do this for your group – we can accommodate your entire group in one room and still keep the pulse-racing intensity while the clock counts down.


“Calling” all treasure hunters – you don’t have to use an app to participate in our smart phone hunts! Teams access a list of clues from a private website via their smart phones. They simply log on, tap the dropdown menu and start solving clues that utilize touch, sound, photos and more!

Grapevine Game Show

This is one event your executives won’t “wine” about because it’s a blend of education and entertainment. A Master of Wine gives executives insight into the science of wine and then teams compete in a variety of challenges to see how well they drunk in the information!  Can they determine which wine they’re tasting is the higher quality?  Can they determine the prices of the wines?

iTech Trek

In this high-tech trek, teams utilize an iPad to navigate challenges found throughout the event area. Challenges are varied as teams search for items that unlock in-app games, take team photos, watch video clips and listen to audio clips to solve clues, and more!  The event can simply put the spotlight on your event location, or company information can be woven in.

Laugh & Learn

Dave Mitchell, named Best Speaker of 2013 by Meeting Professionals International and whose book was selected as Best Business Book of the Month by Amazon.com when it was released delivers experiences that can best be described as performance psychology meets stand-up comedy.  Your executives will laugh out loud as they learn more about themselves and others in their lives in a series of topics such as The Power of Understanding People, High Performing Culture and Expanding Your Market Share.

Push For The Summit

Just as executives are always striving to reach the top, this executive team building event finds participants competing to be the team that summits a fictional mountain first.  Teams alternate competing in mountain-themed challenges and solving clues.  If they are the first to complete the challenge, they get a hint to solve the clue and if they are the first to solve the clue, they get a tool that will help them in their final quest.

Think Tank

Like a shark, in the business world, you must constantly be moving to stay alive. What’s next? Bigger? Better? And, like the television show, Shark Tank, this activity moves your group towards answers to those questions as they put together the next “big idea” that will move their company forward in the future!

What’s Your Story?

Nothing gets the message across better than storytelling.  Stories entertain and educate, which is why we use them in our branding.  So, what better way for your executives to hone in on their vision for themselves, their team or their company than to share their stories with one another in this executive team building event that has them creating their very own storybook?

Executive Team Building Case Study

A-Maze-ing Escape

For this executive team building event a group of 60 lawyers wanted to put their great legal minds to the test to see which team would be the first to escape a fictional castle…in the comfort of their one meeting room.

How it worked

Each team received a map of the castle and all were told the only way they could proceed from the dungeon they were locked in was to solve a series of conundrums that unlocked the doors that would lead them from room to room on the map.  In brief, the first team to make it to the roof of the castle would be whisked away by helicopter, leaving the other lawyers to plead their case with the villain who locked them away.

The Results.

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