Hybrid Team Building Activities

Tasked with planning and organizing a team building activity or give back event to take place during a hybrid meeting and not sure where to begin? We are sharing the answers to meeting planners’ frequently asked questions as well as some of our top tips to help make your hybrid team building a wildly successful event!

As a top team building event company, our expert advice is curated by decades of real-world experience. The success of your team building event is extremely important to us – in fact, it is our livelihood! So, if doesn’t go as well as we (the experts) know it could have, we take it to heart. 

Our goal is to deliver world-class team bonding experiences that get your group interacting, having fun, and wishing they could do it all over again. We build relationships with our clients so that they will trust us with all of their team engagement needs (in-person, virtual, and hybrid). Let’s face it, the better your team building event goes, the more likely you are to work with us in the future!

Undercover Escape

In this hybrid team building experience, groups work on their own mobile devices and are transformed into teams of “spies” who awake in a hotel room only to find out that their “cover” has been blown. Messages from Mission Central direct in-person and remote teams as they view the clues in the hotel room, train station, and airport on their own devices. These clues are meant to covertly get them, and only them, to their new credentials and plane ticket which are safely stored in a locker at the airport. Clues involve recorded voice mail messages, “bugged” plants, song clips, ciphers, and more. The team that earns the most points by gathering information and solving clues is the winner.

The Great Race

Our best-selling scavenger hunt team builder was our very first hybrid event! This team building activity is inspired by television’s Amazing Race – a popular competition in which teams travel the world. In-person and remote teams will have a great time during this competition that celebrates travel! Individuals playing from their home office can collaborate with in-person attendees and work as a team to participate in a variety of challenges delivered via a game app onto their own devices. Team communication is key and facilitated through your preferred platform. Challenges include “routes,” with travel-related trivia questions, clues, and photo tasks; “detours” which allow players to choose which of 2 tasks they prefer to complete; high scoring “fast forward” challenges; and “roadblock” challenges. The goal is to score more points than any other team before you cross the finish line. Finally, when the journey ends, a link to a presentation of photos taken during the game is shared for all to enjoy.

Not Bored Game

Looking for a blast from the past with a futuristic twist? Not Bored Game is a new take on classic board games! Imagine this: you and your team, scattered across different locations but united in a game like never before. With everyone tuned in via your preferred online meeting platform and collaborating using an app-based game, the excitement ramps up as you race against time, tackling questions that dive into popular culture. It’s a battle of wits and teamwork as you strategize together to crack each challenge.

Hybrid Team Building FAQs

Can our in-person and remote attendees do the same exact team building activity during our hybrid meeting? 

If desired, you can plan the same hybrid team building event for all of your participants, with in-person participants playing around a table at the office or banquet round in a ballroom, and remote attendees playing on an online meeting platform in breakout rooms. Remote participants can join the meeting on our company’s Zoom platform or your organization’s preferred meeting platform such as Microsoft Teams, Hopin, etc.

Alternatively, you can plan a slightly different team building event for the in-person participants that will allow them to move around or explore your event location. Many of our clients choose this option, as it allows in-person attendees to stretch their legs and explore the area!

How should we organize our group onto teams during a hybrid team-building activity?

When organizing your participants onto teams during a hybrid meeting, it is best to put in-person participants together on teams and virtual participants together on teams. This way, you can ensure there is successful communication and collaboration within all teams.
For example, if there are one or two virtual attendees who are trying to collaborate with four or five in-person participants, the virtual or remote attendees may have a very difficult time communicating via Zoom or your preferred conference app with their teammates who are all together. This can be extremely frustrating for remote participants who may already feel isolated or disconnected, and in-turn lead to dissatisfaction with the activity and decrease the overall levels of participation.

We recognize that planning a hybrid meeting is a significant investment for your organization. Therefore, your hybrid team building activity should be designed so that all participants, whether they are virtual/remote or in-person, feel fully engaged, enjoy the experience from start to finish, connect with one another, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

How do we determine a winning team during a hybrid team building game?

During our hybrid team building activities, teams earn points based on how well they complete the tasks and challenges during the time allowed. As the experiences vary slightly whether the group is in-person versus virtual, we highly recommend having a winning team from each group. If you are awarding prizes, plan to have prizes for each individual from two winning teams, one winning team from the in-person group, and one winning team from the virtual group.

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