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Ideal Team Building Activities For Small Groups

These events are the best options team building activities for small groups of 30 or less people. No matter how small your group is, you’re a big deal to us and these experiences will get your group to live large:

Crunch Time

Ramp up the excitement at your next meeting with Crunch Time! This team building activity puts a fresh spin on Minute To Win It, bringing a whole new level of fun to your event! Get your team ready for a unique experience where unexpected items are used for quick physical challenges. With limited time to practice, the real thrill comes when the pressure is on and every second counts!

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Float Your Boat

“Whatever floats your boat” are good words to live by. But, in this team building activity, they are essential, as teams must build a boat capable of holding two of their teammates in a race against all other teams. The boat-building materials? Nothing more than cardboard and duct tape!

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Just the Ticket

If you’re looking for an event that gets your attendees to know one another better, then this event is just the ticket! That’s because guests play a quick series of games to win raffle tickets. But more importantly, the games allow them to interact with one another and share information about themselves in a fun and engaging way.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s Kapow! The high-tech event that puts your team’s super hero qualities to the test in a flash as they use a phone or tablet to complete a series of super hero-themed challenges! As teams fly around exploring the event area they’ll answer questions, take photos, record videos and more to get their spirits soaring.

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Pub Quiz

Get ready for a blast of fun! Pub Quiz takes the excitement of trivia night and the thrill of a game show, then cranks it up a notch for your event! Get your participants involved and entertained like never before as they compete in this interactive and engaging experience.

pub quiz small group team activity

The Great Race

This event, inspired by the television show The Amazing Race, pits teams against each other in a race around a fun event location such as a theme park or resort, entertainment and shopping district, or city center. Teams have a great time chasing down route locations and completing a variety of fun team tasks such as roadblocks, detours, and intersections!

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The Pitch

In this creative and challenging event, teams are required to create, market and pitch a product good enough to prove they have the business acumen and entrepreneurial skills to rival the most successful entrepreneur. Which team in your group will have what it takes to come out on top in this competitive challenge?

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Two Can Play That Game

Looking for fun, fast-paced competition that will leave your guests wanting to “play” more? If you’re looking for a great way for two teams to go head to head, then Two Can Play That Game is the perfect team building activity for you. This event is fashioned after Hollywood Game Night, but the stars of the show are your very own colleagues. After a series of challenges, find out which team’s stars will fall and which team will stand out in the spotlight!

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Unlock the Mystery

This event, which builds on the popularity of Escape rooms, finds teams racing to be the first to unlock a chest on the main stage as a countdown clock counts down. What the chest contains is a mystery that your group must reveal! Who will be the one that’s smart enough to solve the clues that allow them to unlock the chest? Only time will tell and that is limited… But, the first to do so will be richly rewarded!

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What Our Clients Say.

Two Can Play That Game – “The event went off without any snags, team was engaged and created a fun, exciting competitive environment. Definitely using Wildly Different at my next event!”

– TJ K., Heartland Payment Systems

Float Your Boat – Thank you also for the Cardboard Boat Regatta!  We all had such a wonderful time and everyone still brings up the good time we had.  You made our day!

-Doreen B., Distribution Marketing Services

Small Group Team Building Case Study

small group team building case study

Reynolds Plantation Nights

Our meeting planner was trying to come up with a team building event that her company president, a huge fan of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, would be excited about for her small group of 15 directors staying at Reynolds Plantation.

How it worked.
It was “go time!” We created Reynolds Plantation Nights, which pitted 3 teams of 5 people against one another. Teams had to decorate and don racing jumpsuits, then create a racecar named and fashioned after one of their clients (not Wonder Bread). Teams’ imaginations ran as wild as Ricky Bobby’s cougar with the designs. But in the end, it was their hearts that were racing as they headed towards the finish line. Each car was driven by one person and propelled by two-man horsepower. It was more than just speed that counted – they also had to complete several pit stops with their other teammates along the way. When the checkered flag was waved the president was thrilled and the meeting planner was able to do a victory lap.

The Results.

case study data for small group team builders
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