Theme Park Team Building Events

These events allow players to explore everything the theme park has to offer, while enjoying an experience as a team. Choose from…

Donation Quest

A charitable event meets the Theme Park Hunt! Teams track down clues throughout the theme park. For each one they solve, they’re handed a ticket – not for a ride, but for an item they’ll get to put together in care packages once they return from their adventure!

ESQ (Epic Selfie Quest)

Are you ready for your close up? Teams attempt to earn points by solving clues that reveal the locations or items they must feature in team selfies taken throughout the event area.


“Calling” all treasure hunters – you don’t have to use an app to participate in our smart phone hunts! Teams access a list of clues from a private website via their smart phones. They simply log on, tap the dropdown menu and start solving clues that utilize touch, sound, photos and more!

iTech Trek

In this high tech trek, teams utilize an iPad to navigate challenges found throughout the event area. Challenges are varied as teams search for items that unlock in-app games, take team photos, watch video clips and listen to audio clips to solve clues, and more!

Make A Scene

It is usually considered impolite to make a scene in a theme park. But, during this team building activity, it’s actually encouraged as teams create their own must-see video on an iPad with a custom event app. Will they create a mini-movie using the theme park as their backdrop? A commercial that’s as thrilling as the rides in the park? The fun continues after their time in the theme park, when they view their masterpieces and vote on which team will be honored with an award for best film.

The Amazing Theme Park Chase

Teams get a book outlining locations they must chase down in the attraction where they can complete amazing physical, mental and creative challenges. There’s no need to wait in long lines for rides, as this event delivers thrills a plenty while teams build camaraderie playing games, solving clues and using their ingenuity to overcome obstacles.

Theme Park Hunt

The event takes place in a theme park, but the event is also built around another theme – and you get to name it! It could be your meeting theme, the overall theme of the park, or we can tie it into one of the classics, such as superheroes, spies, the movies, the future, etc. One half of each clue is outlined in a handout and teams must visit attractions throughout the park to get the other half that will lead to each solution. No boring “what’s the third word on the sign” clues here. Teams will be thrilled by more than the attraction when they dive into these clues!

Theme Park Team Building Case Study

Run Through The World

A communications client hosted an incentive trip for their top sales people. The goals running through their mind were to get guests to enjoy a custom experience at Epcot that would also allow them to earn incentive money based on their results.

How it worked.

We were challenged to create a high-tech event that would put the spotlight on the group’s meeting content and corporate partners, as well as incorporate existing props and spaces at Epcot. The event kicked off with their VIP and an actress playing “Alexandra Graham Bell” who released teams into the park before it was open to the general public. Participants used their team iPad to “call up” the challenges and after literally running around the world (Epcot’s World Showcase which was privately reserved for them) teams were welcomed back by their families who were cheering them on with a high five tunnel and signs!

The Results.