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Wildly Popular Virtual Escape Room Games

Online Escape Rooms

Virtual Escape Room Games

Virtual escape rooms are our most sought-after virtual events. Why? Because they are the perfect solution for organizations seeking a remote activity that participants will be excited about! Whether you are looking to network with clients or engage employees, these interactive experiences bring people together as they use their critical thinking skills to solve clever clues and puzzles. Designed by our team of game experts, our virtual escape room corporate events are wildly popular for all types of organizations including those in technology, pharmaceutical and healthcare, banking and finance, legal, and other industries.

Online Escape Room Games

Undercover Escape

This virtual experience begins when your team of “spies” awake in a hotel room only to find out that their “cover” has been blown. Messages from Mission Central direct teams as they each view the clues in the hotel room, train station, and airport on their own devices. These clues are meant to covertly get them, and only them, to their new credentials and plane ticket which are safely stored in a locker at the airport. Clues involve recorded voice mail messages, “bugged” plants, song clips, ciphers, and more. The team that earns the most points by gathering information and solving clues is the winner.

Escape The Castle

In this game, remote teams find themselves in the dungeon of an old run-down castle and must work together to make their way through the various locked rooms to the roof where they can escape. Each room features a different clue that relates to that space. Clues are solved in a variety of ways including listening to audio clues, solving logic puzzles, finding hidden numbers, etc. As teams advance through the castle, they earn points based on how many attempts it takes them to solve each clue. Hints are available, but will come at a cost. The team that escapes with the most points wins!

Crack the Code – Virtual Escape Room Team Building

During Crack the Code, teams search for and solve a variety of clues and puzzles to break out of a series of three screens pictured on their own device. Their goal? To free themselves before time runs out! Players will get different versions of the game, ensuring they must all work together to win. The winning team is the one with the most points earned and the fastest escape time! Try this fun and challenging virtual escape room team building game for your next online meeting.

Custom Virtual Escape Room

When it comes to creating customized experiences and gamification, our team of experts is the best in the biz… Which is why our custom virtual escape rooms will truly captivate your group’s attention. Using your organization’s content and branding, our team will create clues that will capture your virtual participants’ attention and immerse them in a collaborative, one-of-a-kind activity. Can your group use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to apply their learning objectives and escape before clock runs out? Only time will tell…

What Our Clients Say.

Custom Virtual Game-“Engaging Wildly Different to provide for the kind of customized game we wanted for Akamai’s GSS Academy event was a very wise choice. Wildly Different provided a solid platform for Akamai to customize our game upon, and world-class consulting and white-glove support during the game delivery. It was a great partnership.”

- Andrew H., Akamai

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ideal team size?

We can accommodate any size group. The group is then broken down into teams. Recommended team size is 4-5 people to maximize collaboration.

How much time is needed?

We have 30, 60, 90 and 120-minute long games.  Unless your schedule is limited, we find that games lasting at least one hour get the highest reviews.

Where do we play?

These virtual escape rooms are designed to be played wherever in the world you are located using an app downloaded onto players’ own phones or tablets.  Players will also “meet” virtually to collaborate using your organization’s web or phone conferencing platform such as Zoom, WebEx, Teams, or similar.

How do we know what to do?

  • Once you have selected which virtual escape room you’d like to do, your event organizer will be e-introduced to their Wildly Different Game Master. The Game Master will provide your event organizer with a how-to document via e-mail and an electronic document that can be shared with each participant.
  • Your participants use their own phone or tablet (iOS or Android), with Wi-Fi or cellular data capabilities, to download our app and play the game. Teams will “meet” over web or phone conferencing to collaborate together and solve the clues and puzzles they see on their own devices.
  • Your remote Game Master can conduct a game kick-off and ending if preferred.  They are also available for support throughout the game via a Messaging feature in the app and Help phone line to answer questions and assist players during the game if needed.

How much does a virtual escape room cost?

Pricing is dependent on number of players, starting at $1000. Contact us for a quote.

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