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Virtual Team Building Events and Games

Our virtual games and team building events are perfect for remote teams of all sizes! No matter where they are located, your team will stay connected without having to leave the comfort and safety of their home or office. Conducted live by our Wildly Different Game Masters, you’ll be at ease knowing your virtual team experience is in the hands of professionals. Ensure your next online or hybrid meeting engages your group and keeps your remote team bonding by hosting one of these virtual games or team building activities!

Virtual Mysteries

Manor House Murder

Nothing brings a team together like a good murder mystery. Manor House Murder, our most popular virtual team building event, gets your team working together to solve the untimely death of Laura Norder, a world-famous international lawyer. Your team will examine the evidence, canvass potential suspects and key witnesses. Working remotely from their own devices, team members will answer questions and work on photo tasks that will lead them to discover who is responsible for committing this crime!

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Virtual Scavenger Hunts

The Great Race

Our best-selling scavenger hunt activity has gone remote for remote teams! This virtual team building activity is inspired by television’s Amazing Race – a popular competition in which teams travel the world. Your remote teams will have a great time during this virtual scavenger hunt that celebrates travel! Individuals playing from home, work together as a team to participate in a variety of challenges. Team communication is key and facilitated through your preferred video chat platform. Challenges include “routes,” with travel-related trivia questions, clues, and photo tasks; “detours” which allow players to choose which of 2 tasks they prefer to complete; high-scoring “fast forward” challenges; and “roadblock” challenges. The goal is to score more points than any other team before you cross the finish line. Finally, when the journey ends, a link to a presentation of photos taken during the online hunt is shared for all to enjoy.

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Around The World

Take your team on a virtual globe-trotting trip around the world, visiting 22 countries across 40,000 virtual miles while putting your teamwork, collaboration skills, and creativity to the test! Upon arrival in each country, players unlock tasks using image recognition technology. Starting in Argentina, each country contains a series of tasks & challenges. Challenges range from performing a Bollywood dance in India and demonstrating Kung-Fu skills in China, to answering questions about the rainforest in Brazil, to exploring well-known landmarks on Google Maps to uncover the answers to questions.

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Virtual Games And Team Builders

Not “Bored” Game

Board games are popular, but how can you play one when you are not all in the same room? By playing this high-tech version where all players can view the game board on their own devices. Teams race against the clock answering questions revolving around popular culture trying to score as many points as possible before time runs out. Strategy is put into play as teammates must work together to determine the correct answer for each challenge. Your group will definitely not be bored as they engage in this fast-paced “board” game.

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The Pitch – Inspired by Shark Tank

Teams come up with a pitch for a fictional new product or service that will revolutionize their industry! Then they divide and conquer to complete their presentation such as filming an ad campaign, creating and taking a picture of the logo for their product, recording a video of a breaking news story, and more.  The virtual meeting leader then shows what each team presented via an online slide show and participants then get to vote for their favorite pitch – but no voting for their own!

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Connections Team Challenge

This virtual game allows your group to connect in spirit, even when they can’t in person. During Connections Team Challenge, teammates collaborate while they each play on their own iOS or Android device to complete a series of challenges revolving around connecting. Challenges include photo and video tasks such as arranging players on their video platform screen, so a portion of all four of their faces come together to make one.  Trivia Challenges such as naming the country from the connect-the-dots puzzle shown on the screen.  And, Feedback Challenges designed to encourage discussion, such as deciding which of their school mascots would have been the most likely to win the 100-meter dash if all were competing against one another. A live scoreboard shows how teams are faring and which one will be connected with the name “winner” at the end of the game!

Option: Customize this game show providing up to 10 custom trivia questions about your organization.

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Charitable Virtual Games

Donation Quest

Even though your group may not be together in person, they can still work together remotely to make a difference for a non-profit! This activity is completely themed to charity, community, and giving back and challenges teams to answer trivia questions, solve clues, take photos, and make videos throughout the quest. Each participant plays on their own mobile device and works with their team to earn points. Together, they make their way through the game board, collecting “gems” and ultimately unlocking the vault to release a monetary donation for your chosen charity. At the end of the event, the Game Master shares a link to a presentation where teams can view all photos and videos submitted during the event.

Option: Customize this virtual give back activity with up to 5 custom trivia questions that put the spotlight on the charity of your choosing. Additional customization is available for a fee.

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Make An Impact

Make a real-world impact with this global give back activity that gives your remote participants a say in how a donation – provided by your organization – will be used in the real world. After each set of tasks focused on health, education, food, and the environment, teams will select which project they would like to fund. Will they choose to focus on sustainability projects, green initiatives, providing food to children and families in need, or medical supplies? At the end of the virtual event, we will reveal exactly how impactful your donation will be to communities around the world as we share all of the projects funded by your group.

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Custom Virtual Games For Team Building

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Custom Virtual Team Builders

While our standard virtual team building games for remote teams are great options, you may be looking for something Wildly Different – a custom virtual team builder to meet your unique needs. We’ll weave in your training information, virtual meeting content, or branding into a virtual game. Whether you prefer a custom game with a variety of tasks, a fully custom virtual escape room – or something wildly different – we specialize in using YOUR content to engage YOUR participants in a unique and fun way. Contact us, to discuss what your custom virtual game experience could look like.

Virtual Holiday Games

The Haunted Trail

Gather your ghouls, goblins, witches, and zombies for a fun-filled Halloween-themed game that can be played in a non-scary, remote way! Each player will download the game onto their mobile device and gather via video conference. Your group of any size will be broken up into teams to complete the Halloween-themed tasks and challenges as they attempt to outscore all other teams. Players will have a hauntingly good time as they complete a variety of tasks including solving Halloween-themed clues such as figuring out which Jack-o-lantern is not like the others, or answering trivia about famous cult classic movies, ghosts, and more! Players may also be asked to take a fun photo after throwing on a makeshift ghost costume or record a video showing off their most evil laugh. When the game is over, players get a treat, as your entire group views a highlights reel of photos and videos submitted during the game.

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Oh What Fun!

Celebrate the holiday season virtually this winter with this holiday-themed game! Your group of any size can play in small teams, or for a family friendly party each player can play with their own household. Players use their own mobile devices as they have a jolly old-time completing holiday-themed tasks or challenges attempting to outscore all other teams. Challenges include solving holiday-themed clues such as figuring out what type of dessert is being hinted at by the picture puzzle, or sorting out which letters to use from all shown to reveal a holiday phrase. Players may also be asked to take fun photos that tie into the puzzles. For instance, after solving a riddle revealing “make a snowman” as the solution, players are tasked with taking a creative photo with a snowman. When the game is over, it will be anything but a silent night, as your entire group gets an opportunity to view a highlight reel of photos and videos made by players during the game.

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What Our Clients Say.

Connections Team Challenge-“Wonderful! The Wildly Different team was very professional, well organized, and the “Connections” challenge was really fun, engaging, and high energy. I loved that your team took the heavy lifting of the technology and process out of our hands so even our internal planning team could focus on connecting with colleagues and enjoying our time together. I am recommending it to my colleagues!”

The Great Race-“The team members of Wildly Different were incredibly helpful both before, during, and after the game experience. Their attitude and personality made it a pleasure working together & the game was so much fun!”

Jewel Heist-“The Jewel Heist went over really well with our investigators. Initially we were nervous about how the game would be received by such a large group but it well. Feedback has been positive and we will use Wildly different in the future. Thank you!”

The Haunted Trail -“I cannot even remember the last time our team had so much fun together.  Your organization skills, can-do and upbeat approach truly made us forgot our jam-packed schedule.”

Why Choose Wildly Different As Your Virtual Team Building Company?

There are many virtual team building companies to choose from, which is why finding the perfect one to work with can be very overwhelming. At Wildly Different, we create virtual team building activities for groups of all sizes that are engaging, unique, and most importantly a lot of fun!

Wildly Different has been doing corporate events since 2003, and we know what is appropriate for a corporate audience. Once we get to know your group and the demographic, we are able to make suggestions and tailor the virtual team building event from start to finish. We build relationships with our clients who, in turn, trust us to deliver outstanding team building programs year after year. Best of all, we offer dozens of different virtual team games so we can continue to provide exciting and wildly different virtual team games for your group.

Each time you work with our virtual team building event company, you will work with a Wildly Different Game Master who will help you organize your virtual game from start to finish!

What Is A Game Master?

Once you select which virtual team game or virtual team building activity you are going to do, your event will be assigned to a Wildly Different Game Master. Your Game Master will work with you during the planning phase and be available for any questions leading up to your virtual activity. One thing that our clients love the most about Wildly Different as a virtual team building event company is that our Game Masters also do a LIVE kickoff, provide support throughout your event, and conduct a LIVE ending for your virtual team building activity.

Will my Game Master help me organize the virtual team building event in advance?

Yes! Once you sign your contract with our virtual team building company, your assigned Game Master will get in touch with the event organizer to go over any outstanding operational or logistic questions regarding your virtual team game. The Game Master will also send the event organizer everything they need for your organization’s virtual team game.

These details include confirming the date and time of your virtual team building activity and confirming how many participants there will be from your organization. If you are doing an app-based virtual game, they will also send a one-page PDF with instructions for the players.

Your Game Master will manage your virtual team game including set-up of a virtual meeting on our Zoom platform (if desired), the kickoff of the virtual game, and even provide you with any assets when your virtual game is complete (such as photos and videos submitted during the team building experience). Prior to the event, you will invite your attendees to participate and send them the player instructions (if applicable). Otherwise, you can rest assured knowing that your Wildly Different Game Master with handle the rest!

How To Prepare For A Virtual Team Building Event

How do I book a virtual team building activity with Wildly Different?

To book a virtual team building activity with us, you can contact our team directly by going here. Be sure to let us know if there is a specific virtual team game you are interested in, and approximately how many participants you will have. Additionally, be sure to let us know if you have a specific date in mind.

How much notice is required in advance to book a virtual team building activity?

Like any virtual team building event company, we cannot guarantee your virtual team building activity or hold a date and time until we’ve received a signed contract. However, as soon as you know the date you are interested in hosting a virtual game, we recommend contacting us to see if we currently have availability and to get the planning process started. An ideal timeframe to plan a virtual event is two weeks in advance. Of course, to guarantee availability, the more planning time, the better!

Our virtual team builders are available via 2 methods: app based, or by logging online using a link provided once everyone has logged into the selected meeting platform (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

App Based Virtual Games

Players download an app onto their mobile device to play through the experience while they utilize their laptop or computer to communicate throughout the virtual game via a video chat (such as Zoom or your preferred online meeting platform). As players join the call, a Game Master welcomes the participants and provides an introduction of the virtual game. Then, the Game Maser will send the group into breakout rooms where teams of 5 to 6 players will collaborate.

Depending on the game selected, players may take photos and videos, solve clues, and submit answers to fun trivia questions. As teams complete tasks, they will earn points. The more points they earn during the time allowed, the better their chances are of winning. The game also features a live scoreboard so teams can keep track of their competition.

At a set time, teams will return to the main session of the online meeting platform where a Game Master will reveal the top teams. If teams submitted photos and videos, the Game Master may also share a slideshow with select photos and videos submitted during the virtual team building activity.

What are the benefits of doing a virtual team game for work?

According to a study conducted by Owl Labs in 2020, 16% of the global workforce is fully remote. The report from Owl Labs also pointed out that 62% of the global workforce aged 22 to 65 work remotely from time to time or in a hybrid role (spending part of their time in an office, and part of their time working virtually). In the United States, 4.7 million people work remotely on occasion. Though, it is important to point out that these numbers increase each year!

With more of our global and national workforces working remotely or in hybrid roles each year, it’s important for organizations to keep their employees fully engaged. By offering virtual team building games for your employees, you can:

What are the different types of virtual team building activities?

Virtual Mysteries

Virtual Mysteries are great for groups that are analytical thinkers and problem solvers. This may include lawyers, accountants, engineers, IT, business analysts, and more. Virtual mysteries are one of our most sought-after types of virtual activities for groups looking for employee engagement. During a virtual mystery, teams will work together to uncover the evidence and solve the crime, which drives teams to communicate and collaborate. Does your group of detectives have what it takes to crack the case before time runs out?

Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual and Online Escape Rooms are great for analytical thinkers, problem solvers, and for those who are creative or like to think outside the box. Whether you are in pharmaceutical and healthcare, legal, technology, or another industry, our virtual escape rooms are truly a favorite among all demographics. In fact, when your organization finds out you are planning a virtual escape room, they will be excited! That is because our online escape games will bring your group together as they tap into their critical thinking skills to solve fun puzzles and tackle clues. During these experiences, your organization will come together and form team bonds while working together to escape before time runs out.

Virtual Charity Team Building

Our chairty based virtual team building games such as Donation Quest are designed for all types of organizations who are looking to give back to the community. Whether there is a local cause you would like to support, or make an impact for the global good, we offer virtual team games that allow your organization to select the charity or non-profit to benefit from the event. During the virtual charity team builder, your group will complete tasks and challenges that highlight the spirit of giving back while bringing your group together for a great cause. Learn more about how your group can join together virtually to make an impact by contacting us.

Other Virtual Games

  • Have an outgoing and competitive group? Our virtual games are interactive team building experiences that are designed to engage groups of all sizes! The Great Race and Connections Team Challenge are great for organizations who like to keep the competitive spirit alive. Participants may even have a chance to show off their creative sides with fun photo and video tasks!
  • Are you looking for an easy, breezy virtual team game that is a little more straight forward and won’t bust your group’s brains? Our trivia based virtual team building activities like the Not Bored Game allow groups to feel connected while completing trivia challenges that include photos, videos, sound clips, and more!
  • Whether your group wants to travel around (virtually, of course), or connect through a series of themed challenges, our virtual team games for work are the perfect solution. See your team’s spirits truly come alive as they work together to earn points and try to outscore their competition.

Custom Experiences

One thing that sets our virtual team building event company above our competition is our ability to create custom virtual experiences. For example, we have created custom virtual escape rooms for company on-boardings, sales trainings, product launches, and additional educational purposes. We have also consulted with entertainment companies, resorts, and cruise lines to create unique custom experiences that allow their clients and guests to interact with their brands like never before. For more information about how we can create the perfect virtual experience for your organization, contact our team here.

General Frequently Asked Questions

We can accommodate any size group. The group is then broken down into teams. Recommended team size is 5 people to maximize engagement and for ease of communication, but team sizes can be larger if desired.

These activities range in length from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

These virtual team building events are designed to be played wherever in the world you are located using an app downloaded onto players’ own phones or tablets. Some games may also require players to meet virtually to collaborate using Zoom OR your organization’s approved web or phone conferencing platform such as WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or similar.

Virtual Team Builders:

  • All of our virtual team builders must be booked in advance by contacting us. Once you have selected which virtual team building activity you’d like to do, your event organizer will be e-introduced to their Wildly Different Game Master. The Game Master will set-up the experience for your group and provide your event organizer an electronic document that can be shared with each participant so they will know what to expect during the experience and can be prepared ahead of the game.
  • Your participants use their own phone or tablet (iOS or Android), with Wi-Fi or cellular data capabilities, to download our app and play the game. Teams will meet over web or phone conferencing (preferably on a different device such as a laptop), and the access code to join your private game in the app on your mobile device will be provided during the event kick-off.
  • Some games are played with teams meeting over web or phone conferencing to collaborate together on challenges they’re seeing on their own devices; others can be played individually.
  • We highly recommend a live kick-off and ending with a Wildly Different Game Master. Your Game Master will also be available for support throughout the game via a Messaging feature in the app and Help phone line and/or on the main room of the meeting platform to answer questions and assist players during the game if needed.
  • During gameplay, dependent on the game selected, participants may have to solve clues, answer questions, take photos, make videos and more! Shortly after the game, your Game Master will provide a link to an online slideshow and a link to download the photos and videos taken during your game, if applicable.

Online Games:

  • Once you have selected which web-based game you’d like to do, your event organizer will be e-introduced to their Wildly Different Game Master. The Game Master will assist your event organizer on how the group will join and play the game.

Pricing is dependent on the number of players, starting at $850. Contact us for a quote.

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