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Virtual Team Building Events

Our virtual team builders are perfect for keeping your remote team connected. No matter where they are in the world, your team will stay engaged without having to leave the comfort and safety of their home office. And, you’ll be at ease knowing your virtual team building is in the hands of professionals. Ensure your next online meeting keeps remote teams engaged by hosting one of these virtual team building games!

Custom Virtual Team Building

Custom Virtual Team Builders

While our standard virtual team building games for remote teams are great options, you may be looking for something Wildly Different – a custom virtual team builder to meet your unique needs. We’ll weave in your training information, virtual meeting content, or branding into a virtual game. Whether you’d prefer a custom game with trivia and clues, a host-led game show, or a fully custom virtual escape room, Wildly Different specializes in using YOUR content to engage YOUR participants in a unique and fun way. Contact us, to discuss what your custom virtual game experience could look like.

Virtual Team Builders

Crack the Code – Virtual Escape Room Team Building

During Crack the Code, teams search for and solve a variety of clues and puzzles to break out of a series of three screens pictured on their own device. Their goal? To free themselves before time runs out! Players will get different versions of the game, ensuring they must all work together to win. The winning team is the one with the most points earned and the fastest escape time! Try this fun and challenging virtual escape room team building game for your next online meeting.

Manor House Murder – A Virtual “Who Dunnit?”

Planning a team building activity can be murder. But, in this case, murder IS the team building event! The body of an internationally renowned lawyer, Laura Norder, has been found and we need your group’s help examining the evidence and liaising with key suspects and witnesses to piece together the sequence of events! Using their own devices, teams answer trivia questions, and complete photo tasks to earn points and identify the murderer!

Not “Bored” Game

Board games are popular, but how can you play one when you are not all in the same room? By playing this high-tech version where all players can view the game board on their own devices. Teams race against the clock answering questions revolving around popular culture trying to score as many points as possible before time runs out. Some challenges require just one randomly chosen player on each team to submit the answer, although all team members should discuss the question. And, some require everyone to weigh in, which puts strategy into play as points are divided based on how many answered correctly.

The Pitch – Inspired by Shark Tank

Teams come up with a pitch for a fictional new product or service that will revolutionize their industry! Then they divide and conquer to complete their presentation such as filming an ad campaign, creating and taking a picture of the logo for their product, recording a video of a breaking news story, and more.  The virtual meeting leader then shows what each team presented via an online slide show and participants then get to vote for their favorite pitch – but no voting for their own!

The Great Race

Our best-selling scavenger hunt activity has gone remote for remote teams! This virtual team building activity is inspired by television’s Amazing Race – a popular competition in which teams travel the world. Your remote teams will have a great time during this virtual competition that celebrates travel! Individuals playing from home work together as a team to participate in a variety of challenges. Team communication is key and facilitated through your preferred video chat platform. Challenges include “routes”, with travel-related trivia questions, clues, and photo tasks; “detours” which allow players to choose which of 2 tasks they prefer to complete; high scoring “fast forward” challenges; and “roadblock” challenges. The goal is to score more points than any other team before you cross the finish line. Finally, when the journey ends, a link to a presentation of photos taken during the game is shared for all to enjoy.

Home Office Challenge

Using their own devices, players open challenges by touching items pictured on a screen showing a home office. For instance, when participants touch the camera, they see extreme close-ups of items and must try to guess what they are. When they click on the headphones, they hear song bites and answer questions about them. Or, when they touch the coffee cup, they have to guess if the startling facts presented are true or false. The team or player with the highest score at the end wins!

Connections Team Challenge

This virtual game allows your group to connect in spirit, even when they can’t in person. Participants connect with their teammates via a video conference platform of your choosing and through the game which is downloaded to their own device. Players then work together to complete a series of challenges revolving around connecting as a team. This includes trivia such as naming the sports team from the logos shown on the screen; photos, such as snapping a picture holding a string of 10 paper clips; videos where players tell their best joke, connecting with each other through laughter; and more. You can also forge a connection with your company, as 10 company related trivia questions can be included in the game. A live scoreboard shows how teams are faring and which one will be connected with the name “winner” at the end of the game!

Option: Customize this game show providing up to 10 custom trivia questions about your organization.
Note: This game is designed for virtual meetings with individuals participating remotely or in teams.

No Technology Required

Jewel Heist

No need to download an app to solve this mystery! Each virtual team of 3-6 players will receive a set of PDF documents explaining that precious jewels have been stolen from a famous museum and the authorities need their help figuring out where the thieves have stashed the stolen jewels.  Players receive a list of numbers, believed to be shipping containers and several clues. However, players soon notice that no one document has all of the information needed to solve the clues. They will have to work together to recover the stolen jewels!

Mixer/Icebreaker Games

Getting To Know You Game

Participants access the activity from their own phone or tablet and complete a series of photo, video and polling challenges that show people who they are and what they are all about.  Sample challenges include taking a photo wearing their favorite sports or school team apparel, making a video where they state what one place they would most like to travel to and why, and identifying if they are an early bird or a night owl.  Photos and videos are compiled in a sizzle reel presentation and results of polling questions can be shared with the entire team after the game.

Take Note

This 15-minute activity is designed to encourage players to take a quick break and complete a series of short challenges on their own devices! Challenges can be built around a theme from one of our standard offerings, or let us customize one for you! Players simply tap on a post-it note to open a challenge. For instance, if the theme is “motivate” one challenge may ask them to take a photo of something that motivates them, a second challenge may find them watching a motivational film clip and answering a question about it. The results from the various tasks can be shared with the team afterwards, so all can take note of what others did!

What Our Clients Say.

Custom Virtual Game-“Engaging Wildly Different to provide for the kind of customized game we wanted for Akamai’s GSS Academy event was a very wise choice. Wildly Different provided a solid platform for Akamai to customize our game upon, and world-class consulting and white-glove support during the game delivery. It was a great partnership.”

- Andrew H., Akamai

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ideal team size?

We can accommodate any size group. For team games, groups are recommended to be broken down into teams of up to 4 or 6 people depending on the game selected.

How much time is needed?

These activities range in length from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Where do we play?

These virtual team building events are designed to be played wherever in the world you are located using an app downloaded onto players’ own phones or tablets.  Some games may also require players to meet virtually to collaborate using your preferred web or phone conferencing platform.

How do we know what to do?

Virtual Team Builders & Mixer/Ice Breaker Games:

  • Once you have selected which virtual team building activity you’d like to do, your event organizer will be e-introduced to their Wildly Different Game Master. The Game Master will provide your event organizer with a how-to document via e-mail and an electronic document that can be shared with each participant.
  • Your participants use their own phone or tablet (iOS or Android), with Wi-Fi or cellular data capabilities, to download our app and play the game.
    Some games are played with teams “meeting” over web or phone conferencing to collaborate together on challenges they’re seeing on their own devices; others can be played individually.
  • Your remote Game Master is available for support throughout the game via a Messaging feature in the app to answer questions and assist players if needed.
  • During game play, dependent on the game selected, participants may have to solve clues, answer questions, take photos, make videos and more! Shortly after the game, your Game Master will provide a link to an online slideshow and a link to download the photos and videos taken during your game, if applicable.

No Technology Required Games:

  • Once you have selected which No Technology Required team building activity you’d like to do, your event organizer will be e-introduced to their Wildly Different Game Master.
    The Game Master will provide your event organizer with a how-to document via e-mail and an electronic document that can be shared with each participant.
    During game play, your event organizer will have all the information necessary, making it easy to self-lead the game and assist teams as needed.

How much does a virtual teambuilding game cost?

  • Pricing starts at $500. Contact us for a quote.
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