Virtual Mystery Games For Remote Team Building

Virtual mysteries are extremely popular for remote teams who are looking to get their participants interacting. That is because communication and collaboration come naturally while your group works together to crack the case. Whether you have a group of 5 or 500+, all of our virtual mystery events are conducted live by a Wildly Different Game Master, so you can rest easy knowing your team bonding experience is being managed by our teambuilding professionals.

Virtual Mystery Games

In a Jam – A Rockin’ Mystery

This virtual mystery really rocks, because, in it, your group is transformed into a rock band. The mystery? You’ve woken up one hour before showtime and discovered that essential items you need for your show are missing. You must first find the keys to your tour bus and then revisit your last few locations to find where you left your setlist, backstage passes, and most importantly, your lead guitarist! Your group must strike the right chord to find the items and put points on the board by completing a variety of challenges. Teammates will collaborate over Zoom (or your preferred meeting platform) while completing tasks on their mobile devices. Sample challenges include identifying a series of “on the road” themed songs to see where you’ve been and where you need to go, using the names and numbers of the songs on a jukebox to solve a clue and more. The game ends with the live Game Master bringing everyone back and revealing which team rocked the most points, ending the game on a high note!

Main Street Mystery

A mysterious call has come into Main Street’s police department…the caller identified that they witnessed a crime, but they are unwilling to report it outright. Instead, they’ve submitted a list of suspects, crimes and locations for detectives to pare down. We need your group’s help in eliminating suspects, crimes and locations to help us make an arrest. Players must prove themselves worthy of assisting with the investigation by completing a series of tasks. Tasks include analyzing fingerprints, identifying information found in a series of “killer” song clips, and rearranging scraps of a note to reveal a secret message. At the end of this virtual game, your team of detectives should be able to identify who did what and where to earn major points. But, just as every good detective needs to make their case, so too do the teams! Therefore, the closing task finds them presenting their argument to support their deduction and the more imaginative the accusation, the more points they’ll earn!

Manor House Murder

Planning a group activity can be murder. But, in this case, murder IS the activity! The body of an internationally renowned lawyer, Laura Norder, has been found and we need your group’s help examining the evidence and liaising with key suspects and witnesses to piece together the sequence of events! Using their own devices, remote teams answer trivia questions and complete photo tasks to earn points and identify the murderer!

What Our Clients Say.

Manor House Murder-“Experience was fantastic! In today’s day and age of remote work, it was great to bring us together in a fun way!

In A Jam -“Our team thoroughly enjoyed playing ‘In a Jam’ with Wildly Different. I appreciated the ‘hands-on’ support the WD team provided throughout the game. The concept was great and provided a fun, engaging, and friendly competition!

Frequently Asked Questions

We can accommodate any size group. The group is then broken down into teams. Recommended team size is 5 people to maximize engagement and for ease of communication, but team sizes can be larger if desired.

These activities range in length from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

These virtual mystery events are designed to be played wherever in the world you are located using an app downloaded onto players’ own phones or tablets. We highly recommend players meet virtually to collaborate using Zoom OR your organization’s approved web or phone conferencing platform such as WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or similar.

Remote Team Builder Mysteries:

  • All of our virtual mysteries must be booked in advance by contacting us. Once you have selected which virtual mystery activity you’d like to do, your event organizer will be e-introduced to their Wildly Different Game Master. The Game Master will set-up the experience for your group and provide your event organizer an electronic document that can be shared with each participant so they will know what to expect during the experience and can be prepared ahead of the game.
  • Your participants use their own phone or tablet (iOS or Android), with Wi-Fi or cellular data capabilities, to download our app and play the game. Teams will meet over web or phone conferencing (preferably on a different device such as a laptop), and the access code to join your private game in the app on your mobile device will be provided during the event kick-off.
  • We highly recommend a live kick-off and ending with a Wildly Different Game Master. Your Game Master will also be available for support throughout the game via a Messaging feature in the app and Help phone line and/or on the main room of the meeting platform to answer questions and assist players during the game if needed.
  • During gameplay, dependent on the game selected, participants may have to solve clues, answer questions, take photos, make videos and more! Shortly after the game, your Game Master will provide a link to an online slideshow and a link to download the photos and videos taken during your game, if applicable.

Pricing is dependent on the number of players, starting at $850. Contact us for a quote.

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