Self-Led & Virtual Team Building Events

Self-Led team building events are perfect for small or large groups that have a limited budget or for remote teams who are planning a virtual team building event. These activities are professionally designed by experts and allow teams to bond and build camaraderie while using their own mobile devices.

Indoor Games

Crack the Code – A Virtual Escape Room

Teams search for and solve a variety of clues and puzzles to break out of a series of three screens pictured on their device. Their goal? To free themselves before time runs out! The winning team is the one with the most points earned and the fastest escape time.

Option: This game is great for a virtual team building activity and can be designed for participants to play remotely from different locations, if desired.

Level Up – How High Can You Go?

The aim of this game is simple … score as many points as possible before you run out of time. There’s something for everyone in this fun, frenetic activity with teams solving puzzles, cracking codes and completing photo and video challenges. Teams work through five levels, with each passing level becoming more and more complex. They can choose whether to pick easy, medium or hard challenges. The harder the challenge, the higher the points!

Manor House Murder

Planning a team building activity can be murder.  But, in this case, murder IS the team building event!  The body of an internationally renowned lawyer, Laura Norder, has been found and we need your group’s help examining the evidence and liaising with key suspects and witnesses to piece together the sequence of events! Using their own mobile devices or tablets, players complete observational challenges, answer trivia questions, and complete photo and video tasks to earn points to identify the murderer!

Option: This game is great for virtual meetings and can be designed for participants to play remotely from different locations, if desired.

Home Office Game Show

This activity is designed for remote teams! Prior to the event, individual participants can be grouped together in virtual teams and participate in a game show to earn collective points. Using their own devices, players open challenges by touching items pictured on a screen showing a home office. For instance, when participants touch the candy bowl, they see extreme close-ups of different candies and must try to guess what they are.  When they click on the radio, they hear song bites and answer questions about them.  Or, when they touch the calendar, they have to name the year a famous event happened. The team with the highest score at the end wins!

Note:  This game is designed for virtual meetings for participants to play remotely from different locations.


ESQ (Epic Selfie Quest) – Photo & Video Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready for your close up?  Teams go out and about to complete a variety of challenges that revolve around selfies.  They may have to solve puzzles to reveal which photo and video selfies they need to take, identify celebrities from the selfies shown, take selfies with strangers, answer questions featuring songs about selfies, and more.

Explore! – GPS Hotspot Hunt

If you want your teams to go “out and about” to explore an area of interest, then this is the hunt for you!  Teams view a live map of the event area, marked with GPS hotspots.  Their goal is to make their way towards these hotspots and when they are within range, challenges open up automatically for them to complete.  A wide variety of fun challenges await including taking photos, making videos, and answering questions that incorporate trivia, music, pictures and more!

Mixer/Icebreaker Games

Getting To Know You Game

Participants access the activity from their own phone or tablet and complete a series of photo and video challenges that show people who they are and what they are all about.  Sample challenges include taking a picture with something nearby that represents who they are, or making a video where they state what one place they would most like to travel to and why.  This is then put together in a sizzle reel presentation that can be shared with the entire team.

Note:  This game is designed for virtual meetings for participants to play remotely from different locations.

Make The Connection

An ideal activity to get guests mixing and mingling at a reception. Guests must connect with a different guest to complete each challenge.  The more they do, the more points they win (and the more people they meet)!  Sample challenges include finding things in common, such as someone wearing the same color as you and taking a selfie together to prove it; performing an action challenge, such as showing off your best party trick in a video; interviewing someone about their favorite vacation spot; or striking a pose, such as wearing sunglasses in a duo selfie!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ideal team size?

We recommend 4- 6 people on a team.

How much time is needed?

These activities range in length from 1 to 3 hours

Where should we do the self-led game?

This varies based on the type of team building selected.  Indoor games can be done at the office, at a meeting or conference, or with your participants playing remotely.

Hunts work best in an area of interest such as a downtown, resort area, or theme park.  And mixer/icebreaker games work best at a reception.

How do we know what to do?

  • Once you have selected which self-led team building activity you’d like to do, one of our Wildly Different Event Managers will provide your event organizer with a how-to document. We’ll also provide an electronic document that can be shared with each participant.
  • On the day of the event, your assigned Wildly Different Event Manager will be available to support your game remotely.
  • After your self-led team building event, we’ll provide you with a link to download all the photographs and videos taken during your game.

How much does a self-led or remote game cost?

Indoor games and hunts are $750 + $25 per person. Mixer/Icebreaker games are $750 + $20 per person.

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