A Step-by-Step Guide to Traditional Vs. High-Tech Corporate Scavenger Hunts

master of the hunt

Lisa Jennings – A “Master of the Hunt”

Masters of the Hunt!

We’ve organized many traditional and high-tech corporate scavenger hunts over the years.  Heck, our sister company is even called “Masters of the Hunt!” So, here are some questions you should answer if you are wondering if traditional or high-tech corporate scavenger hunts are right for you!

What Delivery Method Works Best For Your Group?

A traditional corporate scavenger hunt is easy to deliver, as it’s typically a printed handout that lists clues participants need to find.  High-tech corporate scavenger hunts can be done on participants’ own or loaner smart devices, such as cell phones and tablets.  But, please note, while you may want the high-tech corporate scavenger hunt to run through your meeting app, unfortunately, most meeting apps aren’t set up to do much more than ask simple questions.  For instance, our fonhunt and iTech Trek technology allows for a variety of challenges, such as drag-and-drop challenges, mini games, the ability to upload pictures, and splice together multiple clips to form one video. So, consider linking to the high-tech corporate hunt from your existing meetings app, or provide the devices so your attendees can put their own phones away for a while.

corporate treasure hunt

Solving the clues for this company treasure hunt takes team work.

What Is Your Event Budget?

Traditional corporate scavenger hunts may cost less to produce.  If you’re providing loaner devices for your high-tech corporate scavenger hunt, that expense has to be taken into account.  However, if participants are using their own devices, a high-tech corporate scavenger hunt may be more affordable, as there are no printing costs, especially for larger groups.

iphone corporate hunt

Using your mobile phones can help keep costs down while deliver a high-tech experience.

How Tech-Savvy Are Your Participants?

When booking high-tech corporate scavenger hunts, keep in mind there could be several pitfalls.  First of all, ensure the hunt mechanism is user friendly – all are not created equal.  And, if tech-savvy participants have to use their own devices, find out how it’s accessed.  If it’s via an app, be aware that some may be uncomfortable downloading a strange app onto their own devices due to privacy and space issues.  This is why many of our clients love that some of our high-tech corporate scavenger hunts can be accessed via the web with no need to download a strange app.

Where Is Your Corporate Scavenger Hunt Taking Place?

Many of our iPad-based, high-tech corporate scavenger hunts do not require connectivity, as they aren’t accessed via an app or WiFi.  Rather, the hunts are built into a program located on loaner iPads that work without connectivity. So, when booking a high-tech corporate scavenger hunt, ask if connectivity is an issue and if it is, ensure your location has WiFi or a strong cell signal.  Also, if you have a large group and want them to take a lot of photos via a high-tech corporate scavenger hunt, check your Internet speed, as a lot of people all trying to upload photos at the same time could take up more bandwidth than you have available.

ipad scavenger hunt

Pre-loaded apps on iPads mean that you don’t have to worry about WiFi access.

How Will Your Participants Be Viewing The Treasure Hunt?

One advantage of a traditional corporate treasure hunt is everyone can easily see a book.  Whereas with high-tech corporate hunts, keep in mind that if it’s held outdoors in bright sunshine, it may be difficult to see the screen.  Also, if doing high-tech corporate scavenger hunts with large team sizes, a tablet may be preferable to phones, to ensure many can gather around the screen at the same time.

scavenger hunt map

sample scavenger hunt books

Sample scavenger hunt books.

Do You Have A Lot Of Content?

What makes high-tech corporate scavenger hunts great is that participants can click on links to open up challenges, making it tidier to look at than wading through content on a traditional hunt handout.  For instance, for a tradeshow hunt, participants can click on an exhibitor’s name to read the clue they need to solve at that booth.

ipad corporate hunts

Using and iPad or Tablet allows for real-time results and more information related to the hunt to be stored and readily accessed.

How Quickly Do You Need Results?

High-tech corporate scavenger hunts are typically scored in real-time, meaning you can get results instantly.  If you want to announce the winning team immediately upon completion of the hunt, then go with a high-tech corporate scavenger hunt.  If you can wait – it typically takes 10 – 15 minutes per team to score a traditional photo scavenger hunt – then that could still be a good  option for you.

Team Building Scavenger Hunts – You’ve Got Options

Whatever you choose for your teaming event, a well planned team building scavenger hunt will keep your staff engaged and utilize their problem solving abilities in a fun and memorable way.