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Virtual Escape Room Team Building

In a traditional Escape Room, your group is locked in a room and your goal is to find and solve clues, so you can escape before time is up.  At first blush, the idea of a virtual escape room team building event may seem impossible – how can your team escape a room together if you’re not actually together in the same room?  Well, it turns out it IS possible virtually.  For those of you looking to escape the typical remote meeting and spice it up with a virtual escape room online, read on for more information…

virtual escape room team building

Can I create my own virtual escape room team building event?

You could create your own, but fair warning – creating an engaging custom virtual escape room team building event takes a lot of creativity and thought to ensure the puzzles flow together, so people don’t get stuck and are the perfect blend of not-too-hard and not-too easy!  Once your escape room experience is designed, simply email these puzzles to teams at the game start time, connect teammates together in a Zoom virtual meeting (or other web conference) to work on puzzles together, and ask them to email you the escape codes before time is up. Alternatively, if your team is small, you could keep your team together and present one clue at a time on the screen.  Once they solve the answer, move forward to the next puzzle.

If this sounds like more time than you have to put into the experience, contract with a team building company to host a virtual escape room experience for your team.

What happens during one of your online escape room events?

For our online escape room events, teammates prepare to “enter” a room by either downloading an app onto their own phone or tablet or accessing the online escape room online via a website. Next, they “meet” a Game Master and their teammates over a video conferencing platform – either our Zoom or your organization’s preferred web platform such as Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoogleMeet – to collaborate about their escape.

After a live kick-off with a Wildly Different Game Master who provides an explanation of how to access the escape room online and play with their group, meeting participants are placed into breakout escape rooms of 5-8 players.  Once there, just as you do in an in-person escape room, teams must find and solve puzzles in order to come up with codes that allow them to escape a series of “rooms.”  If playing one of our app-based games, the winner is determined by points earned for solving clues and bonus points for escaping on time.  If playing one of our web-based games, it’s all about having the best time for escaping.

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What is a good theme for a virtual escape room for your group?

corporate event escape room

Just like a traditional escape room, the virtual escape rooms we offer are themed, immersing remote players into the experience, so they’ll feel like they are really there. The different themes we offer include extracting a spy before his mission is compromised; breaking out of an office to catch an art thief; escaping the arctic before getting trapped in by a violent blizzard; navigating through a series of crumbling old rooms in a decrepit castle; going back in time to the 1980s to save the future; and proving your skills to join a secret society of magicians.

If creating your own custom virtual escape room team building event, there are a multitude of themes to choose from – pirates, detectives, zombies, sports, time travels, saving the world – you name it! Better yet, choose a theme that ties in with your meeting, or your goals for the year.

Do you offer custom virtual escape rooms for corporate events?

Yes! There are two ways we can customize a virtual escape room team building event for you. The most economical way is to weave in a few custom questions and your organization’s logo into one of our existing virtual escape games, so your team is pleasantly surprised when they come across mention of information relevant to them within the escape room.

Or, if you’d like to create a totally custom virtual escape room team building event, we can build it from the ground up with your own theme, graphics, and information tied into clues. For instance, we have worked with pharmaceutical companies to create clues around training information about their drug, and their goal is to escape the doctor’s office with an order before time is up; a whimsical “find Dr. Bailly” for contestants of the Scripps National Spelling Bee; and a James Bond-themed game to enhance the launch of a new whiskey for the blend’s best customers and media. Customization costs a bit more for a totally unique solution, but the branded corporate escape room event can be run again and again with different groups, making it very affordable in the end.

What type of escape room games are best for my group?

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All of our virtual escape room games are designed so everyone will enjoy participating in them, regardless of their proficiency in solving clues. For instance, teams may have to identify objects from an extreme close-up, which is something anyone can do. Eventually, the names of those objects are all used to solve a clue, which is perfect for those who enjoy the mental challenge. So, all of the different escape room online options we offer would work well. Although, if you have a group where English is their second language, we recommend our Crack the Code virtual escape room team building event first, as clues revolve around more universal items such as solving a Sudoku, or logic puzzles vs. a clever play on words.

Why should we offer escape room online events for our remote team building initiatives?

There are a host of reasons why you should consider hosting an Escape Room Online Team event vs. the many other interesting virtual team building games out there. While many of those are entertaining, a virtual escape room offers much more including opportunities for…

  • One-on-one connection – Because teams must collaborate to solve clues, they are not just passively being entertained as a group, they are all immersed in and involved in breaking out of the room together.
  • Problem-solving – When teams first get into the virtual escape room, they may be bewildered. What is going on? Where do they start? It relates to real-world problem solving that everyone must figure out what to do together and the sense of shared victory they feel at the end is amazing.
  • Communication – Digitial Escape Rooms really test team dynamics and nowhere is that more visible than in how people communicate with one another. In order for a team to successfully complete the escape room, people must not only talk – they must also listen! Oftentimes someone on their team “gets it” and may either be shy about speaking up, or be ignored by the more boisterous on the team. It’s only when everyone practices good communication skills that the team can achieve good results.
  • Creative thinking – If you want your team to think outside the box, a virtual escape room team building event requires them to look for solutions from different angles.
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If you’re looking for an escape from the same-old virtual game, a virtual escape room team building event may just be the way to break out from the ordinary!

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